A Hymn to TARA

Now with a fist of sand I want to hold your blue hand,
and keep looking at your eyes till you can’t stand.
And opening the book of Akasha show all your deeds,
as your bleeding body comes to me and finally concedes.

You did give those breaths with smoke inside,
you gave the seer both sight and light,
still this smile like those kids who just can’t help it
may be pointing at those seeds who just can’t succeed.

I do want to touch your hand through the glass
I want to just stare at those walking mass,
with all the blood and sacrifice we will meet
holding your hip or your throat I will greet !


who is tara?

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Goddesses Tara, One of 10 Mahavidyas, most important deity in Tibetan Tantric Buddhism. It is said her worship can only be done through Vamachara / LHP . Haven’t started it yet but may be one day.


Jason Miller works with Tara, particularly White Tara and Red Tara, I believe. He has some rituals for her in his books (not sure which books, off hand though).


yea. cult of Tara hasn’t taken off here in the forum yet. Hope it will. Jason Miller’s advice on offerings and Puja helped me alot. Before I used to think puja is for female, feminine types and avoided it. Lol.

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Ooh is it possible to provide a link?
I am super drawn to working with those of the Hindu Pantheon for some reason.