A hit, and a Miss? and a Hit again?

Last night (actually 0130 this morning) while working on my evokation and “time with Belial” i know i definetly has his company, it was really very subtle though- and i wish I could have had my heater on as my sanctum sucks at 50 degrees, but the sound it makes is annoying. but i am sure he was there, the incense smoke in the motionless air room kept taking shape- although I think i should have had afew more sticks going. Kept hearing the familiar ‘raidio talk show in the walls’, and i felt like my head was cradled in a pair of hands. but other than feeling he was there and I was not alone; nothing earth shattering but I am clearly making progress.
So this morning my wife woke up and told me that during the night- ‘someone stroked my arm and I woke up to noone there’ nothing scarey though, just a hand stroking her arm, she thought it was me so she opened her eyes to see nothing. Our house is a serious portal, used to be so spiritually active as to be almost annoyingly crowded. Not any more though. i don’t use a circle- my current sanctum is a small room where we are also storing tons of crap- and at best I only have a 4x6 area of which my altar takes up nearly half.
Should i be concerned about my wife having a ‘physical contact’? I am not, just wondering; actually I would rather have the event.
she has no interest in being involved; she has enough in her life. but if she is having events- when I am wanting them, just kinda curious.

Evocation started subtly for me, it was a long time ago but the feeling of a presence and then slowly, more… so this sounds great and NO I’m not just saying that, you know in your heart whether it was a real event or not.

I’m not sure about the situation with your wife, it’s a tough one, a lot of people have reported that evocation causes phenomena that other people experience when they don’t get anything as strong, it’s a hard one to call. What does your intuition say about it?