A Haunting

I’ve watched every episode of my favorite paranormal series “A Haunting” (airs on Destination America channel for those of you who might be interested in watching it lol) and was wondering why some spirits engage in these activities. I get that some are just malevolent and want to scare and harm people for their own negative reasons but is that the only main motive behind them? Or is there as I suspect also a conspiritus by the demonic kingdom to perpetuate the evil haunting stereotype in modern culture, for whatever reasons that may be, and so as such many hauntings would therefore be more calculated groupwork efforts at sustaining that perception among humans rather than it just being personally motivated doings by solo entities.

And I’m not talking about the ghosts of deceased individuals, I’m talking about the more evil actions of the “demons”. And yes I do realize that it’s in large part made-for-tv drama that’s been embellished for ratings purposes but I’ve become pretty familiar with what demons usually do and can/can’t do in a general haunting and so I’m pretty good at separating the BS parts from the actually likely parts, setting the skeptic debate aside for the moment because I know the audience I’m asking here would most likely concur with me that hauntings can and do get pretty nasty.

Why wouldnt they haunt people? If I was a disembodied entity I would haunt the fuck out of random people because why not?

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Lol that’s one way of looking at it I suppose. I realize all spirits are different and some may choose not to become of involved in the business of hauntings while those who do may be predisposed to it because it fits with their lifestyle and they like doing it. I also know they seize upon exploiting so-called portals that are opened ie with oiuja boards, occult involvement or simply previous paranormal activity in the house, etc etc. But for me still the greater question remains as to why, and why some people are haunted but not others who open the same portals. I’m also curious as to what metaphysical laws / boundaries the spirits have to abide by ie by what criteria does God allow/disallow hauntings, which relates to an ever broader question and that is what levels of physical interaction can spirits in general have with humans.

Different people are different spiritualy, it’s like asking why someone might screw around with a pomeranian dog but not a doberman. Or in some cases why a person might screw around with a pomeranian but not a tree. The tree and the doberman wouldnt give the desired reaction to the person screwing around.

I also think it has somthing to do with the person/s sensitivity

I want to BUMP this topic because it seems interesting. I personally think that there are few factors:

  1. As you know, spirits are nor just good nor just bad, but somewhere in between. They have freewill to chose what they want to be and how they will act.

  2. It could be also our own fear. I hear from many people that, when you’re opening your 3rd eye, be ready to deal with all your fears. Most of those fears could be caused by religious beliefs but also from our own imagination.

If you will search around google you will see that most of these shows are faked for tv ratings and viewers. They may have some real stuff mixed in to make it look more realistic but most of it is just BS.

Ryan from Paranormal State has been under suspiscion a lot over the past few years because some of his crew mates openly admitted to leaving the show , especially Darcy the wiccan girl and the other guy that the looks like kinda nerdy, because they took it very seriously but they over heard Ryan telling Chip Coffee all the details about the hauntings before going into the homes. There is even one instance where a family sent them away after finding out about Chip and Ryan speaking in private, and told them they were not welcome anymore and then Darcy and the other guy went back to their house, the two that take this stuff very seriously and helped the family on their own.

As for spirits, my allies tell me there are low level wandering spirits, not always deceased humans, that are indeed full of rage and engage on this kind of stuff, even egregoric spirits that were created by religious magicians to play on the fears of the religious and make demons seem scary as hell (LOL, pun intended). We all know that religious people have made it their mission to scare people from demons by making them look horrible, scare away from magick so we do not come into our full powers and reach godhood by scaring us with storiesof Satan and Hell.

But many of these religious people know about magick, obviously those people know about magick because they do exorcisms which are a form of banishing, aka magick. They have been also been tryiing to exert their control on the astral plane as well as have created egregoric spirits to further enforce that their religion is true, and there are several other magicians I know who have been told the same things recently.

They are not only using these spirits to make movie like hauntings look real but they are having some of these spirits pose as higher level demons so magicians who are new or do not think to ask for verification of the demon’s identity, or those being careless or drunk while evoking, will get the impostor spirit, thinking it’s the real deal ask for something and the spirit takes the offerings and never returns, never follows thru, making people think these upper level demons are liars and con artists to scare them away.

It may sound far fetched to everyone else but come on, you know how pushy these religious folks are and that they have already gone to great lengths to enforce their beliefs upon others so, does this really sound so far fetched after all? Probably not. They automatically associate these ghosts with demons on those shows for thrill factor. I even saw something a while back where Michelle Belanger had stopped working with Ryan because she took her work seriously and was not only upset that he started labeling every spiriti as a demon because those episodes get more views and better ratings but because her working with him was supposedly giving her a bad repuation as being non-creditable.

Not sure about that one as I know there are many magicians who do not take Michelle seriously at all because most of her demonic associations are taken from old grimoires that have been misleading people for centuries.