A guilt spell?

Anyone know any good “guilt spells?” By that I mean basically I mean one to make a person or people feel guilty or bad for their actions against myself or other person. Though this could well be useful on many occasions I do currently have one specific target in mind. Someone who basically behaves so badly to others because of a lack of guilt about it. I want to make the person feel bad for it for likely the first time ever, and to finally reflect upon and see how their actions effect others in their life.

Anyone ever done anything with emotions like remorse, guilt and self refection? Is guilt in you opinion an emotion that even possible to play around with at all?

Perhaps put him in a mirror box with controlling and dark, heavy materia (ie crystals that attract negativity, blue berry flavored cigarillos), and put in a poppet…work it so that the mirror forces him to reflect back on himself and the dark stuff makes him heavy with guilt.

Thanks for the good idea. Using a poppet and a mirror box had not occurred to me, but really I can see how both are perfectly useful in this kind of work.

Lol id either go full force and curse the motherfucker or jump off on his ass or just walk away, but something “just to guilt them” seems like a waste of time and energy to me. You can do that without magick easy, but even then Id just confront their ass. I dont think magick should be used for petty things…

I don’t know, guilt can really eat them up inside. And if you aggravate the condition, you could get them into some heavy depressive state with suicidal thoughts and all.

I do see where you’re coming from on this. I actually myself “is this petty and silly?” before deciding to try this course of action. Needless to say I decided that for myself at least it’s not a truly petty thing. It’s not that I’m opposed to outright cursing someone (after careful consideration and and against a target that has truly crossed a few lines.) For me though I think that guilt IS a curse, or at least it can be. Guilt, especially when someone is ill equipped to deal with emotions or deal with it’s cause can eat at a person’s mental state.

Haha, this comment made me think as well. I was honestly a little concerned that something like this, turning a destructive emotion like guilt back on someone was TOO harsh at first. Potentially silly yes, but dangerous nevertheless. Maybe I need to really learn that it’s not okay to take crap,and it’s acceptable in this left hand viewpoint, to have had enough of it.

I see your point there, but un that case then just make no qualms about it and do a solid curse instead of hoping it reaches that point. If youre living by a Left Hand path or ‘satanic’ ethos then it shouldnt even be a matter of question about not putting up with shit. The world does back off when they see your rabid animal side, trust me. Not that its a “solve-all” to be used irrationally, but when appropriate I thi.k of it not as pride but self respect…

I did 1to a girl who was mean to me,i did a love spell,then call mother sadness,write 50her name,on red,put a red candle,and buried,wen tli,g my wish,to regreat bean mean, its estrange,bcse a reading say,she has feelings for me,

Personally, I think that anything that’s going to make you feel empowered, or give you a sense of closure, is worth the time and energy put into it. It may seem petty but at the end of the day if making someone feel guilty is whats going to make you feel better, I reckon it’s not a waste of time…Jmo though

But that being said, I do think confronting them might be a good idea. You will honestly feel so much better after standing up for yourself.

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Sraagbel from Kingdoms of Flame is actually useful for this.
I have employed him in this capacity.

I quote, often he will play upon devices or deeds in the enemies past, whispering that one thing repeatedly into his ear.
Also has power to reveal the awful truth of things, perfect for a little forced enlightenment. :slight_smile:

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