A Guide or Mentor?

So I have slowly begun studying the Left Hand Path and Black Magick and I have been experiencing some interesting things that excite me greatly which I would like to share and see weither some of you have had the same or similar experience.

So it started 2/3 weeks ago I was at work and out of nowhere and just for a second I saw a spirit, but the weird thing was that I didn’t see a face or any outstanding features, only that the spirit had a male build and black short hair wearing what I perceived to be was a beige robe. Immediately after I saw the spirit or the spirit revealed itself to me it started to make it’s presence and intentions known empathically. It didn’t give me a name just feelings, It felt very powerful and was clearly aligned with darkness and black magick although it wasn’t “evil” or “malevocent”, it seemed neutral, calm and friendly even. It presented itself as an ally although I didn’t get the feeling that it was a god or deity but I more got the sense that it was a sorcerer. After that it left me alone and left a very clear energy around that stayed with me for a couple of hours. Then last saturday I had a “me” day and I was sitting on a bench in the park and I opened myself up to feel all the energies around me and this time I was pulled towards this place and I felt a very strong sense of attract things and things coming towards me, big things as in things are going to (and already have) manifest in my life very soon. And well now I am left to wonder this spirit is it a guide or mentor? And does this happen often? Do more people experience something like this? I am curious to see your answers!

Thanks in advance and more power to you all!

I dont think there is enough information to make a definitive decision about the spirit. A one off encounter with a spirit does not necessarily mean anything, other than you may be accessing more of your psychic senses, perhaps due to your studies.

Do you feel a connection with it? If yes, attempt further contact. If no, continue on your way, is what I would say.

Spirits making spontaneous contact once you start to open your senses is normal and a good sign - this spirit may or may not be waiting to work with you, and I agree with what BB44 says there.