A Good Way to Power Up

I did this last night.

  1. Do LBRP twice/qabalistic cross twice. I did it twice to feel better connected to the energy.

  2. Do middle pillar. I did it with no words, just visuals.

  3. Relax and do an Ajna chakra meditation. I did the following. Light a candle and stare at the flame. The flame should be the only thing that exists for you. Close your eyes and see the flame in your inner vision, it will be there. Follow it around and try to stabalize it. This is a very good exercise, It felt like I was getting sucked into my own visual darkness while looking at the inner flame.

  4. Do the ritual for whatever.

I did a Hecate sigil meditation to connect to her and I’ve never had such great results than last night. The sigil went from being close to me to seeming for away, while close at the same time, it was bouncing all over, the moons were moving, green flashes, pentacle changing shapes into a pyramid, general dislocation.

The ajnk chakra meditation is in the book called Kundalini Tantra.