A good laugh

So,we’re all magicians,right?As in,the real deal.We call on powerful entities older than time itself to help us even with the most frivolous of tasks.We see situations from every angle,just by spreading a deck of cards.We travel to the Eternal Souce of everything,the nucleus of reality,in only a few breaths,and then return to this world,and go on with our lives.And by lighting one candle,we align the stars.

Not all people are like this,though.Many of them are dilletantis,but the vast majority of them are mundane muggles,who think they know a thing or two about the occult because they saw a horror movie or something.These are the people who think cultists gather in grottos to sacrifice goats and get demons to help them on their maths test,and the people who freak out fearing for their soul when they see something as silly to us as a Ouija Board.

And to us,these people are hilarious.

So,tell me,what is the funniest situation you’ve witnessed,of a muggle talking about the supermundane and metaphysical,as though they know their stuff,while not knowing that you,the listener/observer,are Djehuty compared to them when it comes to those topics?!

Hopefully I am understanding the question right. In any case I think this is the kind of thing you are looking for, lol.

The funniest one that immediately comes to mind for me happened a couple years ago. I have a mirror hanging in my hallway right beside my front door. Nothing occult related even, and certainly not used for anything of the sort. A decorative mirror with a wooden Celtic tree of life type design and painted red and dark green. Kind of looks like a mix of a roughly human shape and a tree with leaves on the top of it. Most people like it.

So one evening a couple of people stopped over for a visit and coffee. As soon as one of them noticed this mirror, (it was not the first time they’d been over, but obviously they had never noticed it or thought much of it before,) they did an almost comical double take and stared at the thing like something was seriously wrong. In the next moment he was ranting nonsense about how the leaf design was the black sun, and the sign of the devil and darkness, and the colors were all backwards and the tree-human theme was creepy and wrong. He insisted the mirror was evil and possessed by an evil spirit, and then insisted i consider taking it outside and not just toss it into the trash, but burn it up to destroy it entirely.

Needless to say I never did get rd of it. It was in my opinion complete silliness. Sometimes a mirror is just a darn decorative mirror.

I once overheard some people, whom I thought were teens, talking about the supernatural. The guy says to his female friend, I can do a spell that actually works and she said prove it. The guy placed one hand on each one of his temples and began to hum, then he said in the most serious voice ever “Expelliarmus expectro patronum”. He was telling the girl what the spell was for. I had to butt in and say, you do realize he just quoted two incatations from the Harry Potter movies right? The guy was like “I did not! This is a very powerful spell from the ancient book of Kratophyllus.” Uh, there’s no such thing. I pointed out that he must be roleplaying. Found out, they weren’t teens. The guy was 26 and she was 24.

Something else, not related to magic but I saw someone I went to high school with say this on facebook, made me laugh. She said “If people would actually read the bible instead of just pretending they’d find that it’s the only way to stay out of the devil’s control and maintain your sanity! Ahaha atheists, we win again.” I had to interfere. I said, actually, reading the bible in its entirety is the quickest way to lead people TO the devil because the INsanity contained within those pages is enough to chase anyone with an intelligent mind away. And what the heck does that comment have to do with atheists?