A glowing heart beating violet light (Scrying)

So I did a scry about myself, and it was strange.

I saw a volcano, smoke billowing off of it. The sky was a state of twilight, with stars in the sky, the sun on one horizon and the moon on the other. The lava inside the volcano turned to obsidian glass, then started glowing violet and sparkling with points of starlight. Deep into the volcano a black heart beats, the blackened shell cracks and chips away, leaving the heart glowing bright white. The lava from the volcano appears as liquid obsidian glass glowing violet and flows into the heart, the heart’s glow turns violet and the sun and moon start to cycle at an increasing rate until day and night are indistinguishable.

Does anyone have any insights into what it could mean? I already have some ideas about some of it, but other bits are still a bit odd to me.


That sounds beautiful, sorry I have no more meaningful comment to make. :blush:

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Thanks. Really, it’s just the volcano itself and the day and night blending together towards the end of it that I am having trouble understanding.


Okay I’ll take a punt - day and night are polarities that limit mankind, they are experienced totally differently (for most of history before we got electricity) - they merge, collapsing the EXTERNAL polarity, meanwhile the heart, ancient symbol of innermost self (arguably for good reason if you research the vagus nerve) is the symbol of internal YOU, which also glows the colour associated with highest levels of spirituality, violet colour.

The volcano is a symbol of forging, rebirth and renewal, creation of what has never existed before.

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Wow, as I read your interpretation, I got this feeling like someone tread on my grave.
That shudder like someone knows something so fundamental to you and beyond words, that you had an involuntary reaction.

You had a spark of insight into me as you wrote that didn’t you?

What will you do with this fundamental understanding of me that words cannot convey I wonder?

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Maybe, it was more clarity on what those seemed to mean. I don’t like to pry into people’s stuff, I see so much, it’s nothing unusual.

Send you blessings on your ascent, and wish you well.

Normally I would question why you use the avatar you do, but in this case, I feel that it protects you, and is a wise choice. Fwiw. :+1:

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You can see cant you? I mean in the Castaneda sense of the word.

Ever since I started learning Tarot, I always felt a close association to the Tower. A lot of people were confused why I think so highly of it, but they do not understand the true meaning behind it, and only see an omen of destruction.

Your insights are quite deep, and I am thankful for you taking the time to share them with me.

What do you mean when you say “I mean in the Castaneda sense of the word”?


The heart: Although you may portray yourself with negativity your intentions are to help and positive.

The volcano is a symbol of earth and creation which is flowing through you with its power. The violet color means that you are changing and transforming, ever growing.

The out pouring of lava and Obsidian is a strong psychic protection that you are shielded. This obsidian stone has supposed powerful metaphysical properties that helps to protect against negativity.


Sounds like you need to start doing some Druid Earth Meditations.

The last thing I need is more grounding. In my birth chart, I have 5 planets in Capricorn, which as a result causes me to naturally ground out when I’m not trying to keep myself ungrounded. I basically go halfway to normie when I am not doing any rites…

I’ve currently been doing a rite that started on the new moon and ends on the full moon of the solstice, that will hopefully counteract my automatic grounding while also making my manifestations ridiculously strong. This scry bodes well for me when I take that into account.



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I mean in the sense that I become so grounded I don’t feel the energies around me anymore until I meditate enough to unground. Magick normie, not normie normie. I’m not a fucking NPC.


I’m sorry I couldn’t resist.

I reee at the normies too. Actually, for a short time I was doing symbol magick for Kekistan, nothing really came of it but it was fun making hypersigils to redpill the normies with.


Obviously I cannot be 100% sure, however everything in that scenario screams balance. The sun and moon on each side. Representing male and female life energies. A blackened heart cracking and turning into a bright light signifies a transmutation from unhealthy to healthy, the heart representing the middle point or middle pillar, and the person whom the message is for. The light and darkness forming into one essence while this light grows brighter… to me illustrates balance is needed somewhere… but I honestly cannot say for sure, that is just what I would take from that personally


On point. I think that’s beautifully said.

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