A Gift! Use it wisely :-)

I recieved this symbol a long time ago when i had done my reiki course. I done my 1st and 2nd degree. I was told there was a master symbol, when you done your master course.

I couldnt afford to do the masters course at the time. I asked my guides for it. And there it was in my minds eye.
I used it for every reiki session. It amplified the light i was channeling at the time.

The other night while laying in bed. The symbol appeared at my feet spinning and moving up and down my body. Massive vibrations. It gave me ideas.

I feel compelled to share. I wasnt sure at first.
I asked for guidence.
A Gift, Use it wisely.

Test it! Verify it! Work with it if you choose. Just dont blow yourself up. :wink: It works with intention.

A few examples how ive used it.
Empowering rituals:-
Draw it in the air and visualise it or draw it on a piece of paper. Place near alter to empower your rituals.

I wrote down everything i wanted in a partner on a piece of paper. It was very detailed. Once finished i placed the paper in a folder. I drew the symbol and also placed that in the folder as well.
With the intention of manifesting what i wrote.

After that i felt like i already had it. I got exactly what i wanted. I may have left a few things out. Be careful what you ask for. You might just get it. I never used it again to manefest a partner. I took about 4 months at the time. It set me on the path of wisdom and knowledge.

Subconscious Gateway:-
Didnt feel the best today. Thoughts were saying “I feel like shit” i couldnt clear it. I opened the symbol in my mind as a gateway to my sub consciouse. And went through it. I saw the words “I feel like shit” scrubbed it out and replaced it with “I Am” i came back out.

Then my thoughts kept saying “I am” constantly. It worked but was still annoying. Opened the symbol again scrubbed out the word “I am” and replaced it with infernal Darkness. Problem solved.

Infernal Wisdom, Knowledge, Power:-
For an interesting result.
Draw the triangle first. top to bottom left and say “Infernal Wisdom” then bottom left to bottom right and say “Infernal knowledge” then bottom right to top and say “Infernal Power”

Draw the circle next repeating “Infernal Knowledge, Infernal Widom, Infernal power”

Draw the thunderbolt next repeating for each line
Drawn “Infernal Knowledge, Infernal Wisdom, Infernal power”

:fire: :fire: :fire: :fire:

Tried this tonight. Draw the symbol as described above but say Shem-Yaz-a. Gateway straight to.

Replace with any entitys name. Viola

The only limitation is your imagination.

The symbol has a conciousness if you want to talk to it.


:fire: Infernal Blessings :fire:


DAI KOMIO is that master key, for regular Reiki,

here’s the original / Traditional Sanskrit form.

  • now you know why i call myself “middle Path” magician. :wink:




Thanks for the correction.

I remember asking my teacher about it. She also recieved symbols other than the ones taught. Little did i know at the time where it came from.

Looking back now realising everything ive done has ended up at this point.
It makes sense now.


I just draw yours,
in green, wrote Dai ko myo around it
one sibile each side, starting left.


Use it to charge a Clear Quartz Crystal which i know had been infected by vampiric atachment before.

Some Vampire / Dark mage had linked up to me,
and was silently using it as a connection to me.

I now cleanse it and make it a healing crystal. :smiley:




Oh yeah true,
and the DAI KOMIO is the general Master grade teaching symbol.

But it’s like initiation,
like with the spider and the green butterfly in vodoun.

It can teach you,
it can show you the way,
but only you,
can walk the path.




Nice. Another use for the Sowilo rune.
Thank you!


Your welcome. I didnt realise it was a rune always saw it as a thunderbolt. Has a syncronicty to it though. Just starting to work with lucifer. Sun/Solar sun popping up everywhere.

With some guidence i offered the sigil to lucifer and asked him to empower it.


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I just felt a jolt just looking at it. And, it’s not just the chill from the temperature in my place. (The air from my heater cycles on and off.)

The symbol looks so simple. Perhaps that is part of it’s power.

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I use it everyday. Easy to use while working if i want to change or see something. Thought it might be useful for others.

It looks similar to a sigil I made:

#RedTapeCutterNo1 aka #HitDaSpot

At the time I made it:

Maybe I can try to combine the two sigils.



What other one said: Sowilo rune. And I say-Sowilo rune in manifestation triangle :slight_smile: Looks nice.


That thunderbolt, it’s a rune! It’s Sowilo, the rune of the sun and solar energy


This is really cool? Going to try it out.