A Gift To Lilith

Thank you again, Mother.

Thanks for curing me. Thanks for slapping me out of my hypnotized state. Thanks for showing me who I really am deep down. I now realize that I don’t have to let life beat me down anymore. My authentic Self will no longer allow it. And it’s all because of you. :heart:

It was costly, but the awakening you gave me is priceless. Hail to you, Mother:


What did she say when you showed her

She absolutely loved it :heart: I’ve never seen her so emotional before


Damn, that’s beautiful! Did you do that yourself or someone else?

I have my own personal artist. I hired him to make this depiction. I will be doing this for each spirit that greatly assists me in this journey. As she did :heart:.

Coincidentally, I didn’t even ask for the moon to be there. He just added that in on his own :sweat_smile:


Nice, and I take it that, that is how you see Lilith in the spirit realm?

Yes. :slightly_smiling_face:

Have you had the chance to ask lilith who your dad is

Not yet. I will soon! Right now, astral projection is my biggest priority.


Is that ok?

One thing you can do to make getting out of body a lot easier is this:

Ask the spirits to help you out of body and then once you are out, meditate with the intent to solidify your consciousness and deepen it inside your astral body for easier OOBE

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Mmm…who is this spirit, exactly? I do appreciate the help, but I didn’t really want to get other spirits involved…or other people.

This conflict is between me and him.


Divine! Absolutely divine! Give her my compliments won’t you?

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How is astral travel training going?

Still working on it :pensive: it seems to be incredible difficult for me. But I think I found out the issue.

During one of my practices, Mother was there with me. She just…popped up. She was guiding me through the process. It was kind of adorable, to be honest :innocent:

During her guidance, I actually managed to get part of my body completely out. But, I did not get my full body out completely.

So, you could say that I succeeded, but also failed.

So, I asked Mother what had happened on her end. What she saw.

She explained to me that when i was trying to exit my body, i could actually do it. But, she sensed a ton of fear when i did it. And when i managed to get part of my body out, she saw that I immediately snapped back into my physical body.

I never noticed this. At all. But upon further introspection, I realized that perhaps she is correct.

It seems that what is holding me back from astral projection is deep-rooted subconscious fear. Fear that can only be noticed if pointed out directly.

It seems that deep down, I am afraid of what lies on the other side. Which is odd, considering my spiritual history :thinking:. Whether it was implanted by Yahweh, or just so happened to be with me since birth, I don’t want to make excuses or point fingers.

So in order to finally astral project, I have to somehow overcome this fear. But I do not know its cause :pensive:. I guess I’m just subconsciously afraid of what may be lurking on the other side. New environments are always somewhat fear-filled. Its a natural human trait.

But it is a trait that I must overcome if I am to progress in this.


The same thing happened to me when I started astral projecting the I’ve only done it once successfully it was so awesome! I havent tried it since I just got busy

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