A Gift to BALG

So I have a technique I want to try out, and was wondering if anyone would like to be a tester. I’m thinking about five of these will go out.

What I’m referring to is basically remote talisman charging.

Let me roll over what I’m talking about:

  1. What you do
  • Send me a picture of the item you want me to charge. If the item is a living thing, I’ll need its name. I’ll do the charging, then all you have to do is tell me what happens.

  • You also need to tell me the influences you want on the talisman. Any spirits you want in it, the intent of the talisman, planetary/elemental forces, etc. Basically, tell me how to make your sandwich. Pretend I’m Subway.

  1. What I do
  • I’ll do a ritual based on the correspondences of the influences you want on your talisman. If you want it done on a particular day, you have to tell me that.
  1. Types of talisman
  • You’ll need to include the type of talisman you want. I’ve organized these into three kinds: passive, active, and portal. The reason I don’t offer “multi-function” talismans is because I’m still experimenting with them, so when I get good results I’ll offer some of these too.

  • Passive talismans are just that. They attract a general influence.

  • Active talismans work towards a goal. For instance, a general love talisman would be passive, but if you’re trying to win someone specific over it would be an active talisman. For active talismans, you’ll need to tell me the “emergency power source”, which exists in the event that the talisman is worked against.

  • Portals do what they say on the tin. They can be as filtered or as unfiltered as you want, and the influences you select will be the ones where the portal opens up to. Although I’ve never done this, this means you can use the talisman as a projection gateway to a specific realm, or draw from it for a certain type of energy in ritual.

I’ll be doing five of these, first come, first serve- send me a PM with the specifics you intend, and/or post here.

Just keep in mind, I don’t turn children into talismans.


Pretend your Subway?hm extra pickles!sorry could not resist.

that was not me asking for one i might later but i am still thinking.

I couldn’t figure out how to send a picture of the talisman in a PM. I’ll try again.

Thanks so much for this offer Velotak. I have sent you a picture of the Talisman as well as the specifics that you asked for!

Thank you Velotak, not only for the talisman but also for the help getting you
what you required to charge it for me.

I will post any experiences with it.

It’s been nearly 3 months since I got this offer from Velotak…

I got EVERYTHING I wanted and probably more. Awesome work by Velotak :slight_smile:

Very talented and humble person!

I am optimistic that my Talisman will eventually work. I suspect that the lack of results up to this point is maybe due to me not doing my part to try to find other job opportunities as much as I should or seeing opportunities when they arise? I still struggle with my tendency to treat magick like a science: you mix bleach and ammonia and you get poison 100% of the time regardless of belief or effort or anything else. Not so with magick.