A gate that opens up an entrance for all dark beings?

So, I’m working on concept art for a comic book and in the book a magician opens up a gate, like an entrance, for everything from demons, ghosts, folklore entities, spirits etc. with the intent to have them do the magician’s bidding. The gate is a sigil drawn on the ground.

Have any of you knowledge about such a ritual ? Even though this is a work of fiction I am trying to find something that actually isn’t bullshit. Because usually in movies or entertainment in general all things magick is pretty sketchy and far removed from what it’s really like. I just haven’t found anything that fits the bill.
I figured some of you might enjoy the challenge. Thanks in advance.

havent heard of a sigil thats a portal to all beings, usually sigils are each tailored to call one specific being

I dont think there’s such a ritual that connects a person to all dark beings simply because dark beings are usually beings with dark elemental energies and even then the source of that dark energy varies per group/race etc of entities.

Yeah, it is problematic in so many ways. I was hoping to find something that at least is somewhat similar.
You see, the author was very much into the occult and usually based her writing on actual historical facts etc. That’s why I was thinking maybe the author misunderstood a ritual, and that’s why it turned out rather off.
I don’t know, I might have to just use my imagination here. It’s annoying though…it would be so great to find something that could work.

There is ways to open up a gateway to one of the many shadow pocket realms which is heavily inhabited by shadow people which are pretty much dark energy elementals.

Interesting, do you have the source ? What is it called ? I will have to research in order to translate it visually.

you’re only going to go as far as you believe you are here. be careful what you wish for

Depends on who you reach out to Nyx’s realm, Kauket’s realm, various dark primordial Gods have various pocket realms where their energies accumulate shadow people.

This is for a comic book, fictional, I’m not looking for a ritual to perform myself.

Hmn, gates are basically liminal - i.e., between - spaces. They’re like doors in your house, they go from one specific place to another specific place. All these different entities exist in different places. That’s why you can’t easily have a gate that leads to a place where everything is.

However, what if you created such a space, where entities of all types could gather for a common purpose perhaps, like a council, or event. Or you could create a gate that you can reprogram, like the Stargate in the film.

You could also have a gate that just goes to the crossroads, another in-between space where any entity can come to meet you. The crossroads comes from Vodoun lore and is also the space where the newly dead go, and people having NDE’s have described it - you can find their accounts on youtube - it’s completely black and featureless yet you can see entities as if illumined by etheric light.
You don’t really need a gate to go there and I’ve never tried creating on for it, but it might work for the story.