A friendly challenge for you new magicians

I would try harder. I didnt see any entity from you

Nooo :sob:
Let me try again… :slight_smile:

Lucifer did not appear to me try harder. Or work from scratch to build your godself up

I’m sending them to you again.

Ok let me try again with another entity

This is a challenge for those who wish to see who has reached a level of godhood to send an entity to me im quite strong i can handle it. If your up for it message me and let me know ill tell you what i see

They are only going to say one word…
I have sent them

I saw a woman with platinum blonde hair. A bandana covering her mouth and black smoke covering her body. The structuring was difficult but her voice was there

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Lol she normally wears a cloak… hmm change in fashion I guess…
She’s a part of me.
A vampire.
What did she say?

She said. " i have been sent to you by zeela. I apologise if my body is not structured to your liking it is quite fluid"


Lol… she waa meant to only say Hello… well I guess…

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@Godmagus I tried again with some other entities let me know if it worked

Great job :+1::+1::+1::+1:

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Thank you :smile:

She did. However she said more.

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Interesting. Seems like an excellent exercise for new magickians.

Would you be interested in trying out soul travelling? I’m curious if you could see me.


I could soul travel been doing it since i was 7.

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I meant me to you.

Im going to be sending a structuring and command excersise for everyone so they know MY method of sending an entity


If that is what you want to do

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