A friendly challenge for you new magicians

With the permission of @Lady_Eva i challenge all new magicians to send me an entity. Simply as a test for you. No curses I WILL KNOW trust me ive had everything from demons to angels to hellhounds and more sent to me. I realize this is a vast request but im allowing 100 new magicians to put yourself to the test. Simply bring the entity to me and speak to me show itself and ill dismiss them. I require @Lady_Eva to post first her permission of yes or no. Then the fun will begin. Do not worry about me I AM STRONG. it wont phase me


So if I understand correctly… You just want the forum members to send entities to you and then you will describe what they said, who they were, and what they look like? I think this is in compliance with balg rules, you are consenting and it isn’t anything baneful

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It is a simple challenge of whether they can send the entity to me. Or not.

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So im jist waiting for evas response and all your new magicians challenge yourselves for greatness

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If lady eva agrees, I’m in.

Yep it’s fine! :thumbsup:

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Alright its on. Send me your best people

Someone sent me a gentlemen like entity like 1920s attire why didnt you post. Lol


Sorry, I read the msg now… :slight_smile:

I haven’t sent Anyone yet though

I am in! I will try to send one of my entity, though he wasn’t really programmed to show itself to someone else. We’ll see. If you ever feel him please first describe in PM what you saw because it’s a very personal servitor.

I’m in. I’ll send someone over tonight.

Wow I wish I could do this… can’t wait

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Ladyeva gave a thumbs up​:+1::+1: go for it

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I’m gonna send someone too… :wink:
Tell me what you see okay… :+1:

Can I send… Them(cant reveal the gender right… :smile: )

Yes send them

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Okay. I told them to go to you.
If you see them, tell me how they appear to you…

I tried to send Lucifer but I don’t know if it worked or not please let me know

I’m a beginner

Hi man. How do you go around this? Are you just sitting in a chair with closed eyes and seeing the entities or how does it play out?

I can’t wait do be on this level