A friend wants to do a ritual

My friend wants to come over and do a ritual with me. I don’t have many books on group rituals. I’m thinking of having her do a basic candle burning ritual from Raymond buckland, like how I started. Any objections?

A Group ritual can be done by simply having the other person(s) hold candles as they burn or ring a bell etc. You just have to make sure that your actions are coordinated to not physically interfere with each other and also that you are focused on the same outcome. The latter part you have to trust your friend wants the same outcome as you from the ritual.

A little more detail would be helpful here, I think.
Is this friend definitely interested in doing some kind of group ritual with you, or do they want you to walk you through something that they’re investing all the energy in?

Sounds like it’s the former, but just want to be sure.