A fresh perspective needed

i would like the assistance of some other minds here. what are the spirit/spirits within me, and what sorts of magick have I used on myself?

I ask because it should be a fun exercise for those starting out, or the more experienced looking for something to do, also it’s a bit like how a cat probably doesn’t even know what the concept of “cat” actually is, it just knows that IT is. also, another reason is that one of these spirits I’ve welcomed into me, who has been enormously beneficial, has a rather cheeky sense of humour, and has cloaked itself from my mind’s eye for the most part. it wants me to need the assistance of others in deducing its identity, knowing full well that I’m the curious kitty sort. every time I try to visualize it I just see the mouth portion of that goofy looking crazy Cheshire cat smile (the part where its eyes and smiling mouth are the only things visible)

and please, don’t claim that the spirit’s identity is Lilith/Ishtar or the like, to me that’s like mentioning that water is wet or the sky is blue, I’m well aware of her presence as I have sought her out. “that which is hidden does not make itself plainly obvious”

Hi, can you please go back to your intro here Hello! new to the community - #3 by GDG_125
And answer my questions please. Its a requirement of this forum that all new members do a proper introduction and you’re doesn’t currently meet the requirements.

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@GDG_125 Please be aware that we have a rule here that prohibits new members from offering any sort of readings, or magick, to others until they have been relatively active for at least 90 days. This post, unfortunately, breaks that rule, so I am going to close this thread.

If you would like to exchange energetic scans, newcomers are only allowed to do so in the designated public scanning threads.