A free reading please

Some of you might get mad at me for asking this. Especially, those that I asked for readings from before.
O just need one question answered. Pm me please.

How many readings do you want? I already told you I would, this is getting to “Stalker Level” creepy man. Maybe she does want you back?

I am not trying to be an Asshole, but it is poor form to beg for readings in private and then turn around and keep asking for more readings, it shows that you have no confidence in those who are reading for you.

What I am trying to say is “Chill Mon, take a hit of de ganja and relax brotha.”

You told me you had performed a reading and the results for the matter in question were positive in nature…?

So, what’s wrong?

Also, Icarus does free readings.

lol, that is the case isn’t it. I’ve just finished with his readings.

look I am losing it!
I haven’t talked to her in forever
I don’t follow her! I don’t hear anything!
I just want her back and all of you judge me! And none of you help me!
Well shit! I wish I could summon and do all the stuff all of you can do!
I can’t and all I asked for was some help!
I understand it! But I have a spell cast against me!
And all of you just judge me!
I swear on my life I wish I didn’t have to ask all of you!
I can’t do it! I’m trying I really am… But now
I gave something cast against me by someone.

I just need guidance…

None of us are judging you (that I know of).

At the very least, I’m trying to slap you awake to the fact that YOU CAN DO ALL OF THIS.

“Spell cast against you”? How did you come to this conclusion? Explain.

You CAN do this, however you are letting this control you and you must control you. If you don’t you will be slain by dicks waiting to prey on this kind of thing. Period.

You should establish a connection to her with someone, though. Some way to track her and hear about the development of the spell. Don’t bother with social media, people are very unlikely to post any noticeable changes there. Person to person interactions are best.

You CAN do it.

Invoke Omnipotence, know that you are the God of Gods, and that existence- CREATION- revolves around YOU.

That’s the secret: YOU are the center of everything. If you keep thinking you’re weak and can’t do all of this you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Stop bullshitting your own mind, see the truth and accept it: You CAN do this, but you’re relying on others to do so. It’s arrogance, it’s ego, but you are much more powerful than these mice.

Dani123321, you are acting as a man. Do not. Act as a mage, act as one that COMMANDS the GODS.

Then you will achieve success.


Wow a lot of you guys give free readings eh? Could I sample some of them? haha (no really though)