A Fool and his Errand! - 5 tarot readings


Hey brah if you have a slot to slide me in, I would love your reading :smiley:


Reading No.12


Gotta love the cards - the “who are you?” card is 3 swords reversed - trying to avoid heartache, trying to lessen loss, distractions and mistakes. Your hopes and fear card is the knight of swords reversed - repression, a trapped “essence” needing to surge forward.

There’s 5 wands cards of the 10 drawn and I conclude from that in you case that this is about your full of intent and energy but something(s) holding you back.

So what do the cards say?

Your immediate past (Death reversed) “change, fear of the unknown, avoiding an issue, stifled by fear”. Your immediate future (9 wands) “wariness or possible delay after breaking new ground”. Your own goal (10 wands reversed) “painful surrender, refusing to leg go of something and move on”.

I think you are concentrating too much on worrying about making mistakes and the negative consequences of that such as wasting time etc. However mistakes are the best tools for learning and going forward rather than trying to avoid them .It is “better to have loved and lost than to never have loved”. I also get the vibe that when you commit to an action, go all in 100%. A good example of that is @C.Kendall recent vampire thread (and that was balls to the wall!) or EA’s occult life so far.

If you do the, the outcome card (4 wands) “prosperity, harmony, well laid plans coming to fruition”.


If you are still offering, I’d like to join the list whenever you next are taking one. I’m looking for confirmation of something.


I’ll do a couple over the weekend.

So if @Godself1111, @wolfinsheepsskin would like to pm me their question. If it’s a love/romance one please tell me your gender.

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For the rest of you who’ve asked, it’ll have to be next weekend if you’re still interested…


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I would like one next weekend if that’s ok with you. :slight_smile: @TheFoolsErrand


Reading No.13


Looking at the overall context of the cards doubts, reticence and perhaps a lack of confidence are blocking you from achieving your outcome.

The who are you? card is the 9 of pentacles reversed - “not being happy with what you have, a possible loss of friendship”. Your underlying influence card is the Lovers card reversed “fear of relationship going sour”. Your immediate future card is the Moon card reversed “the need to listen to your instincts”.

Your own self/attitude card is fine - the Fool card (don’t take that literally!) meaning “a fresh start, the beginning of something new”. Your hopes & fear card is the 4 of swords reversed “not trusting your decisions, inability to reach a conclusive outcome”.

If you can run with your own instincts and stop doubting/blocking yourself the outcome card is 7 of pentacles - " a pause and moment of reflection while building your enterprise". So when you do get what you want don’t sit back an take it for granted, your’s is an ongoing commitment for the rest of your life!


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Thank you so much, it was pretty helpful


Reading No.14


Looking a the cards I would say that there’s plenty of energy for you to achieve a great many things but you a currently blocked by your own lack of focus or overall goal? I’m getting the vibe that you’re between 21-26?

So let’s look at the cards - your underlying long term influence card is the Lovers card (:grinning:). You see yourself as the King of Pentacles - “success and excelling in the areas of business and intellectual pursuits”. Your hopes and fears card is the 7 of pentacles “being productive at what your talented at”. So all good there.

However your immediate future card is the 6 swords reversed “stuck in a rut, inability to move forward” and your self/attitude card is 8 of wands reversed “scattered ideas and an inability to focus”.

So there we have it - work out what you want in life and then go for it. If you don’t then the final outcome card is the 9 of swords. i can’t lie that’s one of, if not the most, negative cards in the deck. It;s the card of despair, failure, loss particularly of one’s hopes and dreams.

How do you avoid that? Make sure your goals are realistic and make sure your expectations are grounded as well. Otherwise I fear that once you are in your 40/50’s you may end up torturing yourself over your failures real or imagined. As Marlon Brando said in the film On The Waterfront - “I could have been a contender”.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uBiewQrpBBA


I am a bit younger… @TheFoolsErrand But thank you. You’re absolutely right!


@TheFoolsErrand if u still do reading… Do one for me plz … No question but see what u get


THat’s annoying I over rode my gut instinct that you were younger!

I’m in my 50’s, you’re either contented with life by then or you’re bitter and twisted (i know people like that). Be the former not the latter!.


It’s fine I totally understand why you felt I was older… Im actually 18.

I wont get to that point I promise… I have no one else to blame but myself.
I search for answers, but never seek. I have the ability/power but never go about using it. Doubt and fear always arises.


Reading No 15


Apologies for the delay, a crappy little cold in the end really knocked me for 6.

I’ll do a reading for each part of the question as one spread would be inadequate.


Overall the spread was reasonably favourable.

The who are you? card is the 4 of cups which in your case represents dissatisfaction and discontent. You’re main influences at the moment is the 10 wands which is expecting to take on a burden. How you see yourself is the Moon card, intuitive understanding, magic, occultism etc. Your hopes and fears card is the Devil reversed, overcoming previous habits, detaching form the past etc

There are some negative cards you’ll need to take note of -
The underlying influence card is the Ace of Cups reversed.
The immediate future card is the King of Swords reversed.
Basically go into this with an open heart and mind with no negative thoughts and actions.

The overall energy of the spread suggest that hard work, good intentions and be under no illusions (i.e. know thyself) will be needed. This will be a test of your character perhaps the toughest.

However if you triumph then the outcome card is the High Priestess which in the context of your question is probably the most appropriate card i.e. the revealing of hidden secrets and occult knowledge.


Reading No 16



Interestingly roughly the same as the last reading.

Your current influences card is the Hermit, you need to take some time away from distractions, searching for the truth. Your own aspirations card is the Ace of Cups which suggest plenty of enthusiasm and energy to carry on your goal.

However the underlying influence cards is the 7 of cups. Be warned this is the card of illusions, the card that beckons wealth and riches in all it’s forms but it’s all illusory. Combine this with the immediate future card, Ace of Wands reversed, which is “efforts made in vain”.

The key to this (again) is to have the right attitude and goals (know thyself!) otherwise you’ll get burnt. Others will notice this, (the Sun reversed card) and your own hopes and fears cards is Judgement reversed i.e. acting against your true nature, hiding from the truth.

As per the previous reading you’ll really need to prepare yourself to take this path otherwise it can all go very wrong but… the rewards are great as well.

Get it right and the outcome in this case is the Hanged Man reversed, “sudden burst of action, flash of brilliance , moving forward with speed”.

Good luck and do keep us posted if you go ahead!


Thank you! Much appreciated for taking the time to do it!


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OK next, these will be done over the 5 days.

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