A Fool and his Errand! - 5 tarot readings



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Reading No. 7


There’s quire a few cards in the spread suggesting obstacles/blockages in the past or at the moment.

I get the impression that you are blocking yourself going forward. You have idea about what you want to do but are being weighed down either doubts/insecurities or heartache in some respect; perhaps a fear of failure or a fear of the unknown or lack of confidence in yourself in making the necessary leap forward in life. This has resulted in you in stagnating and procrastinating.

Ironically the immediate outcome card is the Tower card. This can be a very negative card but in the overall context of the spread suggests that some (non life threatening!) event will give you the kick up the butt you need to get you moving (i.e. you have a job you don’t like and don’t get a pay rise this year which motivates you to get your c.v. out on the job market).

Either way the long term outcome is the knight of pentacles. This card suggests that any hard work, time/money/effort wise will result in success and the proportionate rewards for your labours.

To sum up it’s time to put the pedal to the metal… :wink:


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Reading No.8


This is much shorter than other readings as it’s positive and straight forward. Rest assured I still put the same amount of time and effort as the others.

You should find success in your industry subject to keeping focused, ambitious and hard working. The cards do warn against being side tracked by excessive “earthly” (:wink::grin:) temptations particularly prevalent in your line of work… Apart from that all good!


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Also as you’re in a creative industry don’t hold a grudge or get bitter with others if your work/ideas are ripped off. It happens unfortunately and as your workload is dependent on word of mouth holding grudges will work against you in the long term…


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Reading No.9


It’s amazing sometimes how the cards chime with the question!

You’ve worked hard to get where you (and no little talent either), you should be on the cusp of total victory and yet… the spoils seem a little sour. The card for your goals should be the 6 of wands (victory) but instead it’s reversed i.e. your plans did not work out as expected, treachery & betrayal - although I wouldn’t go that far in your situation. Your immediate future card is the page of wands reversed, the feeling of being stifled and indecision. Your current situation card is the 5 of wands which in this context represents disappointment.
Your hope and fears card is the 4 of cups reversed which represents reaching for an opportunity. Interestingly if that had been the right way up that would have meant that you were bored.

The final outcome card if nothing changes is the 9 of cups reversed - “false freedoms, error and imperfections”.

Most of this spread were positive cards but reversed which negates some/most of their positivity.

Do you see a pattern emerging here? :wink:


@TheFoolsErrand yeah, there’s definitely a pattern, haha. Thank you for reading for me! This gives me some valuable insight. Especially the final outcome; gives me a good indicator of what I need to do. Much appreciated! :smile:


Reading No.10


The cards give the impression that your an old fashioned gal who likes to be wooed and swept off her feet by a tall, dark handsome man (or whoever takes your fancy) and live quietly and happily thereafter :grinning:

Looking at the overall context of the suggests that there is a little too much passivity on your part. Your underlying influence card is the 5 of pentacles - “getting past old habits and patterns of a relationship”. Your immediate future is unfortunately the Hermit which suggest some solitariness going forward.

However you self/attitude card is the 6 of wands which ultimately represents victory with the possible help of others (friends/family?) However victories are not won by being passive and chances and opportunities must be taken as and when they arise.

So go West! and the future is yours. The final outcome card is the 6 of cups reversed which in this context means “the future and renewal”. Had that not been reversed you would be living in the past wallowing in nostalgia, something that you definitely don’t need to be doing currently!


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Reading No.11


The spread suggest are lot of youthful energy but it’s totally unfocused. Gut feeling tells me you’re between 20-25?

Your current influence card is the wheel of fortune i.e. anything and everything can happen to you at the moment and it’s all out your control. Your immediate past is the Fool reversed which can have a meaning of thoughtless actions and negative choices (missed deadlines by any chance? :wink:). Your long term past influence is the 10 cups reversed which is this context is “idealising a situation rather than being realistic”. This is reinforced by your hopes and fears card which is the 7 of cups. This is the card of illusion and dreams where everything is impermanent and insubstantial.

Saying that your self card is the Queen of Swords. This is about the personal attributes of realism, self critical and self discipline. I think the cards are telling you that you need to sit down and have a good think about where you are going, what you want with your life and how you are going to achieve it.

If not the outcome card is the 7 of swords - escaping from bad situations or going into exile…


I’m 26 actually. Close enough haha I guess I really have to think this one through. If this is the path I really want. Thank you!


You’re very generous with these readings. On another rainy day, I might ask a question as well, although I’m kind of fearful regarding the answer.