A Fool and his Errand! - 5 tarot readings


Thanks for the question, time is not on my side tonight so I’ll do yours tomorrow.








@killua - I have one reading left and then I’ll take a break for a few days.

I may do some over the weekend so stick around!


Thank you very much.


Okay! i’ll be very interested in a draw when you have the time


Reading 6


I can see why you’ve asked for a second opinion and once again the cards eerily reflect the context of the question!

Quite a few of the cards suggest confusion, heartache, indecision and stagnation. Saying that at the total opposite end you are brimming with energy/action to move forward if only you knew the path to take.

So what’s a gal got to do? I’ll be honest the cards are not giving you a total 100% thumbs up here. There’s 2 important cards here, the “your hopes and fears” card is the 5 of swords and “the final outcome” card is the Justice card. So what do these mean? The 5 of swords is about gaining victory over others at any cost. It’s a negative card insofar that you will use any means to get what you want. However should you use deceit , lies, trickery etc you’ll will be found out by the Justice card. This suggests that the best approach is to be open and honest and you’ll tip the scales of justice/karma in your favour.


If its cool with you i would like a reading too please.


Thanks so much! You’re absolutely right! But what I really need to know is, does he like me at all? Is he a bad person? Sorry I’ve just been using you as closure to finally let me get over this. My cards were still telling me we were going to get together, and I’ve had someone else on this site psychically check out this guy and he told me he was a shit person. I just really need to let it go…


Like if you got any vibes about that at all it’d be really helpful


I get the impression, that’ll you’ll have to the running in short term to get his attention.

I can’t really tell you more that I’m afraid as these readings can only give a general outline especially when it comes to matters of the heart!

For a more in depth look at your situation I would suggest a face to face reading from someone in your local area.


Thanks, I appreciate the help


Ok it’s raining again! I’m open to do another 5 readings - anyone interested?

Please bear in mind that readings cannot be too specific.



I’m interested.


I’m interested :grin:


I would love one!! @TheFoolsErrand


I’m interested!!


Yes please!


Can you do a reading for my general music career


Oh I just barely missed the five :sweat_smile: