A Fool and his Errand! - 5 tarot readings

It’s a public holiday in the UK on Monday and in the grand tradition of British bank holidays it looks its going to be a wash out weather wise this weekend.

So to pass the time and to practice my skills I’m offering 5 free tarot readings on a first come first served basis. I’ll be using a Rider Waite deck and the Celtic Cross spread.

So who’s up for it?


I’m up.

I am in. Thank you :-).

im in

i am

I’m in

Wow that was quick!


PM your question and whether you’re male/female.

The readings will be public but not your question. I’ll leave it to you to tell people your question.

The readings will be done over the next couple of days.



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Reading 1


I feel you’re in the same place I was 10years ago. You’ve reached a major fork in you life’s path. Do you go down the path of the mundane and hide/suppress your true calling? Or do cast off the mundane and walk the lonely and less trodden path to the higher worlds and to your heart’s desire?

The cards say the at the moment your life in a kind of suspension, you’re neither going forward or backwards but just existing. Perhaps this is due to trying to hide your true calling and trying to fit into the mundane world around you, but it’s exhausting you.

Those around you are vaguely aware that you have “less mainstream” interest and activities but are wholly unaware as to how life changing these can be. Do not expect them to understand or be supportive over the longer term.

You seem to have a lot of pent up energy/enthusiasm for the occult path but is enough to overcome your doubts in particular about how change will effect those around you? I think you’ll be successful on the occult path but the price to be paid is that close bonds with family and friends will be loosened and perhaps broken. That is not to say that you won’t make new deep and rewarding ties with other people in the future.

Ultimately do you have enough belief in yourself to overcome the obstacles (intentional or not) that others place around you and answer your true calling?


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Reading 2


Quite a few swords appeared in the reading suggesting that to go forward it’s all about your own negative perceptions which are holding you back.

The cards suggest you have doubts and fears about your self and that you’ll ultimately fail if you take the magical path. The lack of confidence maybe down to other projects/tasks (non magical) in the past that have not gone well and perhaps lack of support and/or criticism from those close around you.

If can overcome your doubts you should be successful on the occult path. The first card to come up which asks the question, who are you? was the Hierophant. The Hierophant in this context means that you can become a bridge between this world and the spirit world in some way (hence being on BALG!).

The last card was the six of cups, this is normally associated with nostalgia and the past. In this context I think it means that if you carry on the magical path you will meet people that will pass knowledge onto you (perhaps even being an apprentice to an Adept?) and that in your old age you will look back on a happy, successful and rewarding magical life.

But first the demons of doubt will need to be slayed…

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This is 100% correct. Thank you

thats completly accurate!
thank you so much!
and i defenetly need to work on my self

Reading 3


Ok this is all about self confidence. Normally in most aspects of you life you are are reasonably contented and confident. You should be reasonably successful with anything you put your attention to with nothing unduly negative going on to hinder you otherwise.

However I get the impression from the cards that you think this girl is slightly out of your league? The pivotal card in the reading is the “self/attitude” card which is the 6 swords. This represents someone going on a journey into the unknown with all the attendant uncertainties that ensue. As this girl is special to you, I suspect you’re putting too much pressure onto yourself and thus self doubts are beginning to creep in.

It’s time to put aside those doubts and be your usual confident/relaxed self. The time is for action and not thinking so strike whilst the irons are hot! Should you do that the outcome card is the 10 pentacles. This is normally about success in a financial sense but can represent the outcome of any successful endeavours.

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I’m very impressed by this. Do tell me if you end up with extra extra spare time and want to do a sixth reading, and I’ll PM a question!

Reading 4


Yours was a quite deep and involved question and I was afraid that I’ll struggle with this. However the cards proved otherwise!

I would say that you’re quite involved in the occult and are particularly driven to achieve your ultimate goal.
You had a fixed idea how to achieve this and up to a point it appears to have worked. But something is nagging away at you that may have missed something on your path. The pivotal card in the reading is he “hopes/fears” one which was the 2 of wands reversed. In this context this represents “wearing blinkers, rushing ahead/not seeing the entire picture”. I would say that it’s like going on a driving holiday and then rushing from A-B at 90mph instead of leisurely driving at 30mph and taking in the views and stopping off at places.

There are 2 negative cards that you need to be aware of - the immediate future - 4 of pentacles reversed - “coveting thing other people have” (in your case I suspect occult knowledge) and how you view yourself - 5 of swords - “victory regardless of the cost” & “reminder to consider your opinions”.

I get the impression form the reading that you need to slow down on your path and share your knowledge and experiences with others and take on board any feedback. This will give greater depth and insight into your occult experiences which will be a inestimable value over your long term development (at least that’s what I hope offering these tarot readings!) Hopefully you’ll avoid making too many set backs and going down too many blind alleys which I suspect is implicit fear behind your question.

If you do this the final outcome card is the King of Cups and I’ll quote directly from one of my books- “Success in Arts, sciences or divinity. A person of great vision who is capable of putting this vision into action”.

I suspect you have the potential to become an occultist of great note in many years to come.

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I’m easily swayed by flattery :wink:

It looks like one of the questioners has withdrawn their question so PM yours and I’ll probably do it tomorrow.

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If it’s about me, I’ve sent you a question two days ago. Did not you get PM? I will do it again. Thank you.

Yes! It’s disappeared out of my pm box, I assumed it had been deleted by you.

I’ll do it tomorrow for you.

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If you have time for an extra reading lmk i’d be very interested!

Reading 5


Yours was a multi faceted question. I took the unusual (for me) step of doing 2 spreads as each one expressed your side of the story which is all well and good but not what you asked for.

So lets look at the final outcome cards - the first was King of Swords. This relates to your ex-does has he a liking for laws/rules and the idea of judgement? Does he like order? if so then unfortunately in his mind the die is cast and there’s no turning back.

The second is the 9 of wands which relates to you. In this context it relates to a certain war weariness, experience gained through adversity and also the power of tenacity. However these attributes are usually seen in the context of then using these attributes to move onto new ground and opportunities. The flip side to this is to become very guarded and defensive and try and keep the whole world at bay.

I hope you can see where the cards are pointing to and sadly I can’t offer a more optimistic interpretation.

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