A Fly visitor

Hello everyone, i thought i’d share this here and see your guys thoughts,
the past couple of weeks there has been a fly, who comes around the same time of day every day (11:30-11:40ish) flies into my room, flies around for a couple minutes, then leaves.

now i’ve had flies fly into my room before, and generally even if i completely open up the window and try to chase them out they can never for the life of them, figure out how to get the fuck out, this one has no problem finding its way in and back out of a half closed window that has a curtain covering most of it.

its just something i’ve found to be pretty strange,i haven’t tried to chase or swat this guy cause he always goes in his way shortly after visiting so i dont mind him!
i hope you guys don’t think this is just too dumb or anything haha

Beezlebub likes flies.

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Flies only live 28 days so you have a couple more weeks of visits :slight_smile:

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