A flower treatment

My mum loves plants and flowers very much. They are all over her flat.

Once I visited her and noticed that one flower is almost dead. I was surprised and asked her why she was not engaged in this flower anymore. My mother said that she was tired to treat it during a year and added that she can’t fight it anymore. Let it do what it wants. I said her to stop taking up it longer, and asked her to get out of the kitchen.

This flower was, and is on the windowsill in the kitchen.

I stood in front of a flower and asked what to do with you, and then the information started coming to my head.

The voice in my head said: “trace the invoking pentagram of Earth over the flower, call Uriel and ask him to help.” I did as it was told and was going to leave. The voice in my head proceed: "that’s not all! Sprinkle a little sea salt and anoint stem base with oil of myrrh. " I did it too.

Two days later, my mother called me and asked what did I do with the flower? Flower stopped to drop leaves and began to turn green.

Two weeks later, I visited my mother again and saw the flower, like new. It was lively and fresh.

And it is still in the same alive and fresh stage.

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Super! - you know that doesn’t surprise me, EVERYTHING is alive, everything has a spirit, has guardians even, has needs and stuff - of course we have to eat, have fuel, have clothes etc., but I can communicate with plants and animals and even though I eat both, I don’t try to tell myself any life-form is less important or profoundly alive.

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Yes, I know. Even electronics - TVsets, Players and so on, having its personal spirits. And you can fix any broken electronics if to contact its spirits. Actually, I was surprised about electronics when I knew about it :slight_smile: