A flood I may have caused, contributed to,Weather magick?

I live in a small village in the caribbean. It’s a low lying flat land near the swamp, so we were always susceptible to flooding but according to my parents the last flood that happened in the village was 20+ years before I was born so before the flood in 2019 there had not been a flood in my village since 38 years ago.

In a september of 2019 I had been reading a book by professor Jerry Alan Johnson on taoist weather magick
but was confused so I dropped the book and went back to watching youtube videos.

On one channel there was a wiccan wish ring spell that specifically called for the ring to be submerged in water and petition the gods and goddesses of water. That video held my interest so I submerged my amethyst ring in florida water and tap water and said the whole evocation and mote it be’s. three times.

3 days after the spells and a request for money, The first flood in 38+ years happened and I was confused as duck but strangely happy. It was magical at how beautiful everything looked and I had the best naps, while falling asleep to the rain.

The adults and government made a huge deal of the flood and understandably so, with the government stepping up its stance on global warming.
Sand Bags were given out for free to block out water for coming into peoples homes.After the incident,those sand bags and a few from other households that were donated to us to rebuild the house we were building since before the whole flooding.

We also got a tonne of donations including three weeks of charity food and non perishables by companies using the flood relief to write off taxes and some religious entities. Even 2 mattresses for (3) people! The picture I posted of the stuff we got doesn’t do it justice, We got more stuff at a later date that I just wasn’t bothered enough to photograph.

I got to skip 3 days of unimportant schoolwork, which helped my mental health and got a great workout packaging and moving our property to safer places.
We got a tonne of compensation money (a ton of unimportant antique stuff and a few expensive items that were in disrepair was damaged during the move.Since we were rebuilding our house, some debris gave us the financial sympathy of the insurance inspectors)
Dad and the other men in the village had themselves a lime( a get together ) for the first time in a long while.
The village was overall more merry and united than it had been since Diwali pre pandemic.

There was nothing bad about that flood at all as far as I know for anyone in the village.

People were trapped in their house but a large number of them are pensioners including my parents, who usually don’t leave their house ordinarily, those who weren’t were able bodies people that could thread through the water for groceries and were neighborly enough to buy for other people.
Most people have a very rural land so the flood water dissipated into the flora and dirt so that whatever excess water was left was manageable.

A poor family renting near us had their clothes whetted and the apartment floor flooded with water but again no damage, only needing a good cleaning for everything.
They moved out of their apartment anyway to a cheaper place in a neighboring village closer to their place of work and held greater convenience towards them. They were compensated as well.The wife of that family got a promotion at work because of various factor regarding the flood (superiors not being able to come in, sympathy, shortstaffed) and since they lived near the workplace, they got some additional paid responsibilities.

A few people said we took advantage of the government and insurance agencies and charities but I disagree.
It is a fact that we were trapped in our house for three days. As much as I celebrated missing school, that is not a good thing in my parents eyes and the education and legal systems eyes as well.
The destroyed and damaged stuff were legally under insurance protection regardless of the percieved value my family placed on them. We did not purposely try not to preserve them or purposely destroy them for insurance money, they just weren’t salvageable in the time frame we had to save items .

The whole incident gave us all a good scare, but ultimately no truly harmful damage was done which is why I think this incident has magickal origin.

Even the story about my dad scaring off a money grubbing leech while yelling kali and durga while drunk that I mentioned in my post asking for help with alcoholism happened near after this whole incident.

The number 3 sure did repeat a lot during this story huh?

I think the reason the water spirits worked so hard is that there must have been a lot of them near the rural ex-farmlards and swamp. Most people only worship hindu/christian deities and local land spirits must have gone neglected by humans for a long time since the days of the amerindian tribes who worshiped the zemis and nature, so I think my petition was their first in years.

I’d like to hear what everyone thinks because quarantine has weakened my sanity and I dont want to be one of those quacks that thinks everything in their life has a magickal reasoning


I think that is might be a reason,
Another less impactful and ignore-able flood actually happened a few months after, now that you remind me about it, I think it has to do with climate change/Global warming.

Pehaps I did not start the flood using magick, but instead my magick capitalised on it to bring wealth


Don’t listen to people here who say it was something else. I have done weather magick before I even used rituals just by concentrating on making it rain.
I have tried it so often that I know there is no doubt this can be done. It is so fascinating what the mind is capable of.
Needless to say, I am not training my abilities because I don’t really know what for.
So a couple of weeks ago, I focused on a thunder storm (usually I focus on the sun to cause a beautiful day) and the next day it was raining. However, no thunder storm as I commanded.
It had not been raining for weeks.

You can train this to become stronger and some people are more talented with different kinds of magick. But in fact, this is really easy to do. Just train your imagination…

AND PLEASE DON’T DOUBT because some people here are beginners on this path and have no idea of the possibilities, yet.

Yes, it was your spell, 1000%. I have no doubts


Mate !!! LOL

We are talking about a common shamanistic subject done for 100s of years by ancient indians, druids and shamans.
Before you talk at least google if you have never heard of such thing.

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I thought it was plausible reading it…

But the poster asked for opinions and is questioning it which seems reasonable to consider and explore

I don’t really think this is the forum if you are worried about people doubting having any effect whatsoever… it doesn’t change the outcome in genuine convictions, simply helps you to reaffirm them or drop them

Nothing wrong with questioning things

It’s not really very helpful to tell people to trust you over themselves @ysy which is what your statement feels like here

ALL of us can get things wrong… what makes you so massively trustworthy to the OP over anyone else?


Nothing makes me trustworthy, but as soon someone comes up with a really cool thing ("hey this guy flooded an entire town!!! I am loving it) some here question everything when everyone with average intelligence should be able to make the connection that there is absolutely no doubt his ritual worked.
There hasn’t been a flood for 38 years, he does a ritual and BANG…there is a flood? And magicians say this is coincidence??? OH MYYY LUCIII…what do you really do at home?
Money Magick where you find 5 Dollar Bills?

Excuse me but let this guy enjoy his victory because he has done something unbelievably cool.
I begin to think some here are jealous of him because who else can claim they flooded an entire town?

I am no authority, nor do I claim to be one. But I can enjoy and be happy for other people’s success and love to learn from it.

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I came back to mention that september is the month of my birth to the story,
I did not expect to find my comment section becomming a war zone.


Bizarre posts here in a magick forum. Weather magick is, perhaps, the most successful magick I’ve seen done. I’ve even made tornado warnings exclusive to a single building–the actual red box on the weather map being JUST on the building I wanted the tornado for lol.

Absolutely he did this magick and it isn’t the hardest to do: the hard stuff is the stuff you’re really desperate for. Detachment is hard when the desire is intense. But being able to let go of the results is necessary. I suspect this is why I’ve never had a problem with weather manipulation: I’ve never cared about the results. Probably most people feel the same unless they’re in a desert about to die of thirst.

Here, the OP performed a ritual and obtained results that were improbable under the circumstance: a heavy flood that hadn’t occurred in his region for 20 years that resulted in him receiving money and things of value. Coincidence that directly and explicitly fulfilled his desire? Well, that’s what magick looks like 99% of the time. Let me get those coincidences on a frequent basis and I’ll be a happy camper. This is good for the OP and should be the basis of a growing faith to accomplish even more things. Telling posters “just because you claimed to make it rain” is absurd. It implies that it is an impossible or extremely improbable thing, the stuff of cranks (but evoking demons you learned about on an EA Koetting forum somehow escapes your condemnation?). Try it yourself and you will see success. This is a magick forum and presumably people see little miracles all the time from their sigils, visualizations or evocations.


Well, I think the easiest way to answer the question would be for OP to perform the ritual a couple more times and see if similar results manifest.

One can add another variable to the ritual by performing it outside of the raining season (not sure when that is in OP’s area)


Regarding the tornado, it is funny because yesterday I decided to rewatch one of my favourite movies “Natural Born Killers” after years.
For the first time, I noticed all the occult symbolism (666 on road signs, shamanism, the demon who is taking over people through the media).
When Mickey is in jail for the first time, there is a group of Indians. I had to ask myself if they had caused the featured tornado to escape jail. You could make this connection, but of course the tornado was purely symbolic for a riot or something else. But maybe not.
Natural Born Killers is full of Shamanism. It includes shamanistic rituals with the snake (representing Lucifer) which in the end kills the Indian and attacks Mickey and Mallory.

I was even wondering about the hair one cop found shortly before they were arrested, but this is probably too much wishful thinking.

To me they were signs I will not ignore after the conversation here - as something was telling me to trust my instinct and ignore ridiculing comments (often done by insecure people with several profiles to create fake Social Proof lol).

Additionally, I was constantly thinking about the tornado from the movie yesterday and now, Severian_Appollos expresses that he caused a tornado and how easy it was.

Thank you,@Severian_Apollos because you have written something really important:
Rituals work best if you have no attachment to the outcome. This is why it can work better if you have a sorcerer work for you and also do the the ritual yourself.
Nevertheless, it could also be due to astrological transits which prevent success and you simply need to repeat the ritual over and over again until your transits change.


no, not BEFORE, it happened AFTER. The flood I am speaking of is the first one to hit my region in 38 years. The flood did however happen during the rainy season.

In defense of myself,
I didn’t post for clout. Ive grown disinterested in most magicks except for the gary geoff cobb rituals(the author of NAP and secrets of the pyramids) and now I solely practice qigong,meditation, mantras and rarely offering magick.

This happened way back in 2019, back before I kept a magickal journal book to log in records of the magicks. I made a topic called “memory suppression” In which I describe all the strange things Ive noticed while reminiscing but did not find strange at the times when I did not use a journal to document it.

It is out of sheer sentimentality that I found those old photos and remembered this.

The reason I second guess my magical involvement is because, the wiccan wish ring spell was something I did not expect any results from, since I automatically cant take any “mote it be spell” seriously.
the only reason I went ahead with the spell in the first place was because I was excited at the amethyst ring I had gotten from my parents. That ring was the only jewelry I have every received and I continue to actively wear it. I sincerely tried to bless that ring with multiple methods.


Mod hat on, I’ve removed a load of stuff which was seemingly people arguing with someone who’s not even you.

Mod hat OFF, I think you probably were the causal factor, or, you provided a weakening of the probabilities against this happening which amount to the same thing, it seems to have been benevolent foir all concerned which is in line with that makes magick like this relatively easy.

IMO that would be placing his ego and need to feel like he has the on-off switch ahead of what’s best for his community. :thinking:

Letting go of attachment and the need to stamp “This is MY work!!!1! I did this, and you all had better know it!” is a good way to get results, if he was to revisit with basically the need to prove to himself this result was his own, I would thibnk that opens him to various risks, like backfire, nothing happening and a crushing of confidence, or maybe even a monkey’s paw type scenario.

He did exactly what people recommend in other threads, stuff using very traditional methods, to accomplish a goal widely considered possible with magick, and did it with minimal egoic attachment, so I don’t think adding the need to prove HE personally did this, would be helpful. JMO. :thinking:


That’s also what went through my mind, mindset is important when it comes to results or lack there of.

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That’s why I’m really careful doing that. I used to be do something similar through visualization, but more often then not floods happened, because I over did it and it caused a lot of property damage because of mud slides in area where I live. I have since stopped doing it because of that reason which you can never control the outcome of the spell and since it’s not just me who affected by magick of this nature.


I’ve had some minor success with weather magick.

One time when i was a kid, i found an online spellbook and in there was a spell to summon rain. Thanks to my childlike immersion and unshaken belief that i found some secret key to manipulating weather, i caused rainfall the very next day, despite a sunny forecast. I actually detached from the ritual so greatly that i didn’t even connect the dots when it happened. Only after a long long time did i realize what i had done.


if anyone is reading this, my country is trinidad. If you dont beleieve my story about being the first flood in 38+ years,in my area, you can try looking for articles on the flood in the northern part of the country 2019

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I dont doubt you. One, it had been 38 years since then, nobody got hurt, and everyone made out okay. To me, that is one hell of a lucky group of people or an act of magic. I go with magic.
Weather magic is really quite simple, you set your intent and forget it. I do it to stop rain for example. Sometimes it doesnt work or doesnt work the way I expect it, generally due to passion for results.
Since you detatched from it, it made it possible to do its thing. Thats magic.

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