A first fail

Well I never considered failure an option. Most of the rituals I’ve conducted had significant results in the coming days , even sometimes immediatly, some could be exactly want I wanted, other time, it can be something that will get me near the objective.
Today I had my first fail during a ritual. I evoke Shaatlar, the demon of destruction who is supposed to confuse my ennemies and unable them to act against me.

I called him and ask him to maintain a personn far away from a member of my family who has a public life. I ask that he never met him, I ask to detroy his will and unable him to go to my relative to say shits about myself.
I had a discution with the demon, who agree to take my orders and work for my command.

Unfortunatly today, I learn that the guy showed up during a public signature of my relative. I dind’nt talk about me in wrong words, and the relative was even surprised to learn that we were ennemies when I ask if he had threaten him in anyway, or speak against me.

But I don’t really understand why the demon haven’t done his job, has He engage himself do to it.

BOA (I probably write it here with the wrong orthograph )

Give him more time I think… If you have been speaking with him…
This is not first time I read entities feomBOA are working slowly…
If you want hurricane, I would to the old grimoires.

Btw, if you want long lasting results, sometimes they need to switch few things, remove the obstacles, move the universe in some way, so when the outcome will come, it will be exactly as you wanted.

That’s indeed a possibility. The ritual was executed the previous day.
But the demon agreed to act for me to prevent the thing to happened, so I don’t really understand why it fail.

The question is, did you wanted this guy to be out permanently forever, or just for that one particular meeting? If the latter, you can consider it as a failure. If the first one, expect of the easiest and shortest way, that means demon deciding to take him down, if you want him went forever, the universe need to prepare something for him. Wife in the other country, businesses opportunity on the other end of the country, or just changing his jos completely and interstts.

Let him work, and tell us within few weeks what happened.

Well I ask the demon a specific request:
“Tomorrow, I want that this particular guy will stay far away from my relative, I want him to stay at home or at work and don’t go to my relative public appearance”.

But the guy showed up, even if he had all along an attitude of submission and didn’t say any shit about myself. So in a way, the damages I wanted to avoid have been avoided anyway BUT the way I wanted to (unabling the encounter) is a failure.

Have you pondered on your enemy’s strenght? He might even be another sorcerer just waiting to counter you.

Yes, I had a good manifestation, both visual and auditive, behind the wall of “static rain”. The spirit appeared not really as described by E.A in the workbook companion, but the manifestation was deffinitly here.

I recontacted him yesterday night to get answer , using the method give in the video “clarifying the voice”. I wanted to know if the ritual failed or if the fact that the ennemy came with peacefull words and didn’t try to do any shits on my back was due to his action. The spirit admitt that the ritual was a failure, and that the guy was a difficult target and that he would have needed more time to work on him.

You see :slight_smile:
It was success, and as I told you, long lasting results needs a bit time to work :wink:
Heads up :slight_smile: