A field report - 2019

just to fill some of those impatient to why i am so busy,
in on a few details.

i just invoked Archangel Gabriel.

This year,
as some already know,
i went further into my Ascend.

then i’d ever considered to go,
when viewing it just from the human / magician side.

I merged with my god form,
called it’s armies to my aid,
defended against a huge attack on myself.

i had spirits manifest in my room,
and stabbing me into my back.

i turned around and killed them,
healing the wounds before they even become physical.

My fingers are currently shedding skin,
like a snake.

I lost my mother.

The very same day,
i got accused,
for rape.

i’m writing this,
of it being in a relatively public form.

for i do NOT fear.

at the police station,
they told me i could sit into a jail sentance,
minimum 2 years,
or longer.

the very secound i got accused,
Belial was already there with me.

I sat through all the bullshit,
the accusations,
the taking of my DNA and my finger prints.

i knew i was under attack before,
and i had successfully dealt with Kingu “…” - name not revealed,
for he’s already dead,
and i’m not here to bolster about my honor or success.

i’m here to give some credit,
to the degree of magick currently flowing through my very bones.

i have manifested a full box (around 8 kg i guess),
of wealth stones.

i’m recieving guidiance,
on how to convert the energy forward,
into pure silver and gold.

the true gods currencies (the very same currencies,
used by banks, to back up the “fiat” currency - which in fact is fiat because it isn’t fully backed up by those anymore.)

I stepped out of my job,
and got forced into considering a new job.

The job i’m currently looking at,
is going to inject exactly the change into my life,
i’ve asked for;

Getting out of the below 30k annually low income zone,
into the 30k+ wealthy people zone.

The woman who’s accused me,
astonishingly somehow still is around.

She’s my direct neighbor,
living in the next house (which are built in a raw),
next to me,
on the same floor level.

For years,
before the incident,
i had been pulling her energy,
whenever i needed female sexual energy for a ritual,
for the fact,
that she was well known to be a slut,
and fucking around with various males.

she’s accused me.

After an evening,
where i simply wanted to find emotional relief,
and calmness and security,
in her arms,
she had taken me home,
sending everyone else away,
after i had flirted with her during the day,
and drinking together with her,
her friends,
heck, even her mother.

in spirit form,
i have taken action on solving it,
countless times.

I’ve sliced her body into pieces,
and fed her to demons.

i’ve ripped her soul out,
and replaced it with a servant out of my armies.

none of that worked fully.

of course,
there was the mortal mind dabbling and wondering how the fuck she could survive that.

i also did full out physical spells on her.

Going back through time,
to my previous pharaonic incarnation,
i had judged her for her attack on me,
and promised her death through fire.

i’ve created spell jars,
nasty and massively destructive,
and linked them up with her,
deploying them at specific locations i got guided to from spirits i work with.

i’ve also dispatched an extremely effective “shut-up-spell”,
as guided by the spirits.

Her boyfriend - which i got to know due to her accusation

  • after she had flirted with me,
    and spend the evening with me,
    still seeks physical confrontation with me,
    as i clearly got to see,
    when last time we met on street,
    he ran up next to me,
    but couldn’t clearly identify me,
    due to me being massively shielded,
    and wearing a beard.

he watched me go into my home,
and i knew he was just waiting for a chance to attack me.

a neighbor which recently came to the house,
protects me ever since,
from him constantly roaming around the house,
and trying to get in.

i have spirit guards standing in front of my home 24/7,
which are out of my personal army,
and will take action,
the secound someone is around.

i’m going to be in debt,
when my loyer gets paid in full,
since the estimated charge for his service is well over my current savings.
(when just considering physical money. i could easily pay him in ormus, elixiers or stones of wealth, but those aren’t accepted currency. :stuck_out_tongue:)

I… somehow,
after all that shit,
and with all that massive danger hanging around over my neck,
still manage to have somewhat a normal happy life,
actually owning more of my free time and freedom than normally,
and also having a sex life.

(obviously with someone else, i don’t want to mention here.)

Belial clearly said this is a test on me.

And he sticked to that,
over month of evoking him again and again.

but that’s not even the main issue.

sure, well if it’s a test,
i kind of know i’ll be fine.

But the thing is…
it really pushed me into massive change and different handling of situations.

Just today,
i had a guy holding me a speach,
about how i should start boxing or some martial arts,
just to get calm again,
and get back into control on my destructive impulses.

and i was sitting there like…

if only you knew…

if you could just grasp a slice of how leathal i actually am,
when i really want to.

but he was right.

and i have to accept that.

i got to swallow that bitter pill of truth.

physical martial arts training is going to be benefitial to me.

and wether he was speaking to me because he thought it’s a good advice,
or because a spirit was channeled through him,
doesn’t even matter at this point.

it simply is.

i’ll get to start some form of agression reduction,
or martial arts training,
as soon as i get my hands free for it.

Apart from that,
i just wanted everyone who’s been impatient for me to take a look at stuff they’re working on,
to get a slice of what i’m currently working through,
and hopefully find a good schedule,
to match the requirements mainly through my spirit form currently.

I also deeply want to apologize!
towards BALG.
Towards you guys.

For having had paranoic moments,
and thin skin,

for not being fully capable of holding solid conversations,
but rather feeling offended to easily,
in some occasions.

My truely heartfelt apologies!

just to make sure those are in alignement aswell;

I’ve activated the Devil Gene inside me.

I’ve finished the secound self-guided reconstruction of my own consciousness.

I’ve ended my merge and training under the guidiance of Thoth / with Thoth.

  • Thank you, Puson for being with me all those years.

I’ve removed all my major chakras / the chakra system from my body.

I’ve re-cycled the leathal Death Spell that was thrown on me,
and used it to re-direct it onto my enemies,
and kill of obstacles that no longer serve my reality.


I clearly came to a point,
of actually wanting,
and seeking help again.

Not because i’m weak.

But because i realized,
that there’s yet,
still a lot of work before me,
for this life to last on eternally.

i’m clearly happy about any feedback and suggestions comming in,
on here.




Happy for you retaining peace in that tough of a situation. Hopefully this new job will pan out for ya! Best of luck!

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