A few thoughts on the "Ascension" of humanity

I think there is much truth to the thoughts of humans condemned to the face of the Earth. The common person is not equipped nor prepared to commune with peoples of the stars or other vastly different places.

However those very places which humans are unfit to touch contains many of the necessary tools and ideas to fix many issues that plague our species today.

A motto of mine: “Those who can must, for who else will?”. The very bodies that house us and make is human (for even the most ethereal out there reading this now exist as humans; just look at your hands) are destined never to stray from the face of our mother planet. Our form and our thoughts live and die here.

It is the duty of the small minority with the ability and impetus to strive for the stars to bring them to the rest of our species. Stars not made for us, or belonging to us. The domain of humans is the Earth, but I think we are deserving of so much more.

The pathway to the stars will be paved by thieves and beggars. People with nothing to lose and everything to gain. Those wicked few will (hopefully) drag the rest of humanity up to the stars with them, kicking and screaming, until they too can see how beautiful the view is.

Thank you
-the ayyliens among us (and also Eris)


I loved that.
To the stars and beyond! :star2: