A few questions

Hey y’all!! How is everyone doing? How’s it going??? This is kind of a long one…SO I HOPE YALL CAME READY TO READ! Lol Sooooo recently I made a post about FEELING Lucifer when I call upon him. One of the posters suggested using the sigils for him out of the Grimorium Verum and hot damn! While I didn’t FEEL anything, I’m FAIRLY certain he answered when I called. Basically I came up with an evocation (based on one I saw here. I changed and altered it a little bit for MYSELF) where essentially it ended with me asking him to make himself known if he was there. And I really think he was there. Or maybe I’m wrong. Idk. But anyway what happened was, every time I asked, ONE of the candles I had lit would start flickering like crazy. I did it three times just to be sure and each time a different candle flickered. Only one did while the others remained…I guess you could say…normal? And the one that was flickering before it would remain “normal” and this repeated each time. So I wanna say I had SOME success. But who knows. I think I did. My candles never do that and it was to the point where I almost blew out the candles because I thought my wall was gonna catch on fire and ain’t nobody got time for that. But no fires were started thankfully. So my 1st question is, what do y’all think? Am I trippin? I’ve been trying to build a relationship with him by doing weekly offerings and giving thanks and just basically showing gratitude and appreciation. And this leads me to my next question: aside from doing offerings where I (if I need it) will ask Lucifer for something and give him treats and such, I don’t really do any other magick. I feel like all I do is ask for things in exchange for offerings but that’s pretty much it. I would LIKE to explore and perform more magick but idk…I don’t really have a NEED for anything where magick needs to be involved. I’m not cooking up spells and rituals etc as much I THINK I should be. Does anybody else go through this? Like is this normal? For the most part I’m just reading up on different types of magick that I like. So basically just reading and researching. I guess what I’m looking for is a way or a reason to perform any spellwork. Any ideas or tips? And FINALLY my last question, I’ve been reading up on other demons on this forum and online and in a few books and I’m pretty sure there’s at least 2 or 3 others I’d like to work it. So my question HERE is, is it disrespectful for me to work with other demons while also primarily working with Lucifer? My altar is essentially dedicated to him, but not formally. I’m not looking to work with others because I’m displeased with working with Lucifer (he REALLY delivers…like WOW!) but there ARE a couple demons I’ve come across who seem to specialize in one area whereas Lucifer seems to encompass EVERYTHING. Just wanna make sure I have all of my ducks in a row before I try anything else. Thank you!!!

It would have helped reading this if you didnt have the wall o text…it makes my eyes hurt lol.

Its good to remain skeptical but I think the candles were a legit sign. If you don’t have a need for spells, its probably a good thing. The more you can manage/manifest your life without magic the better. Also, I’ve never experienced the Demons being bothered by you working with other beings. I work with a lot of the Demons but I also work with other entities such as nature spirits. If you really feel timid, you can just run it across Lucifer. The only thing I could think of that would change that is if you very clearly made a pact that you would work with him and only him, but that doesnt seem to be the case from what I gather.

Omg I’m sorry!!! Lol I was trying to condense everything as much as I could annnnnnd this is what spilled out lol it’s pretty reassuring to know that I was actually successful in making tangible contact. But yeah for the most part I don’t really have a heavy reliance on magick. It just seems like for a lot of people it’s a way of life for them. Whereas for me, it’s a PART of my life but not a huge one. And no. DEFINITELY no pact has been made.

Well, a lot of people get caught up on the mystical without realizing the mundane side of it all. Granted it is something present in my life every day lol.

Edit: i was just bustin your balls about the wall o text. Its all good.