A few questions about the astral plane

As the title says, I have a few questions to ask about the astral plane. I read a few articles but they only mentioned how to get to the astral plane, and what you can do. But they do not elaborate on how you can do these things. The more I read, the more questions I had to ask. So I’m going to ask all of them bellow. Hope you can asnwer most if not all of them. I’d really appreciate that.

  1. Regarding spiritual work, how does one do things in there? Can you take ahold of physical objects or do you conjure the materials needed out of thin air?

  2. Regarding meeting entities and spirits; if you want to meet a specific one, how do you call them to you?

  3. The same question as above, but concerning Demons and ascended masters. The infernal empire, where most are. I feel that it would be disrespectful to go to their plane without their permission. So if I do call on them, will they show up?

  4. Are my psychic senses enhanced on that side? If I can’t see spirits in this world, can I see them in the other?

  5. And if I do get permission to go to their plane, how do I get there?

  6. Should I be warry of what I do there? I know that thinking of a specific entity could caused some connection here, but if I do it on the other side, will they pop up infront of me?

Just a random question:

  1. How do you avoid making a meeting awkward? Say I’m meeting a higher entity, how do I behave before them?

  2. Do rituals that work on this side work there too, or is there a bit of a twist?

  3. Is finding your spirit guard, totem animal the same as finding one during lower and upper world journeys?

  4. Can I even meet any entity I want? Or are there limitations? Do I have to be called for first?

That’s all. Thanks for the help! :blush:


These are very good questions. I don’t think that anyone has actually gone into detail about the astral plane and how it actually works. I wish that I could answer at least two of your questions in detail.

@Micah? @Eye_of_Ra? @AdamThoth? Anyone?

I’ll be watching this thread!


First off to remove misconception one must understand that the astral is a realm of symbolism. The subconscious communicates through symbolism. What you experienced in the astral mirrors your physical reality because it’s the only way your mind can perceive it. To take info directly from the QIM is a skill that takes a lot of patience and time to understand the language of pure information which our minds have difficulty processing without some sort of similarities to how we perceive our physical reality.


You can take hold of objects in the astral, or you can create your own through focusing on it - it will appear.

You call them to you, simple as that. You can evoke similarly as you do in the physical, but you can make shortcuts. Just chanting their name in the Cosmic Voice would get their attention, but you could also draw their sigil in the air and chant their enn for extra oomph.

They will show up. And why would it be disrespectful? It’s not disrespectful for you to visit Europe or the US.

If you are really worried about it, you can have a spirit go with you there.

Yes. You are technically using the same senses that you use in the physical world, except they aren’t blocked off by bullshit, you automatically know how to use them, and they are perfectly attuned.

You travel there. You are able to just pop there, but it can be easier to create a small process to it - clicking the fingers perhaps, creating a portal in the air…

You could even fly with the intention of arriving there, see the reality changing, and you’re there.

It’s much easier to connect to them on the astral, and it also depends on how hard you think of them.

If you call their name consciously on the astral, they are gonna be there real quick.

Same as with any other. You’re not below anyone. You talk normally, with respect, and you expect respect back.

It works, but everything is much more instantaneous on the astral, hence you can make different shortcuts and make operations flow much more smoothly.

Just different ways of finding them. You could find them through your own energy, through journeying, through asking another spirit…

You call them, they will most likely appear. It’s rare for someone not to answer a call in any way.



Wow. Thanks for your time

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