A few questions about Dra’talon

I have some questions about Dra’talon since I’m very interested in petitioning him.
I’ve seen a lot of questions asked about offerings. Some say that he won’t ask but takes what he wishes. Can this include something vital that you have? I like to communicate with each entity but it does worry me a bit if he wishes something or someone that I hold close to me. I saw a post on this forum saying a mother had specified to not hurt her or her kids while petitioning but she had no idea she got pregnant & ended up having a miscarriage. I’m not pregnant and I have no interest in ever having kids. I just do not wish for anyone close to me to be hurt or any animals. I care for a lot of pets and I’m just very against animal sacrifices in general. I’m fine with blood offerings, food & chocolate offerings, wearing sigils, offering time, musical offerings, etc. I always light candles and incense of course.

Other than that big issue, I was wondering if it’s possible to ask Dra’talon for two or multiple requests at once. Someone had said a good offering is to promise him you’ll petition him again. Of course, I am fine with waiting some time until asking again. I seem to attract a lot of weirdos who do deserve it. No I am not saying this lightly for anyone who wishes to argue. I have met a lot of terrible people who inflict abuse of all kinds and continue to do so onto multiple people. Reporting abuse seems to do nothing these days other than to waste time. Law enforcement is a joke.

I know Dra’talon only likes to be evoked for torture & ending someone. But I have also read it’s possible to befriend him. Does anyone have any experience or stories regarding this? I’m very curious!

If he is possible to befriend I am also curious if it is possible for him to protect you as well.

Thank you if anyone is able to answer any questions, provide insight, or just any helpful comments.

I work closely with him and ime the offering IS your target. He can’t go after anyone without permission.

I’ve not heard of him taking anything without permission, he’s not a thief, and I would question the misapprehension by people new to energy awareness of bad luck, and the effects of themselves carrying enough bad intent that it creates a miasma in thier own house, created all by themselves. Pets are especially vulnerable to bad energy, they can absorb it to protect their owners. Few call Dra’talon in a happy, loving state.

My technique for avoiding this, is that I have a warded space put aside that pets are not allowed to go in, which I call my “craft room” (tongue in cheek; my easel is also in there :slight_smile: ) and others a “temple”.
Animals don’t go in there unless it’s banished and cleansed, and energies are contained. I also cleanse myself and try to stay aware of my energy state and it’s effect on my environment and others.

Good for you: it’s old energy from ages past and doesn’t really fit with where humanity is going, imo. Being able to feel that is the sign of an excellent mage.

Yes, and he can also teach you techniques to do what he does for yourself. He has a million techniques for psychic torture, humans could do all of them, if they wanted to. :slight_smile:

In this case Dra’talon may not be your bet bet: he send people insane, and abusers with access to the vulnerable are already not right in the head: they can get much worse the crazier he sends them.

Yes, and im my experience the torture thing is more like a side gig: a skill not a calling. He is a kind of angel as Azazel is, and has all the knowledge of ability of a king who has earned his place and the respect of his people. People like that are fascinating and rich to know.

Not really his thing imo, he’ll be more of the kin to give you advice t protect yourself. Needing protection is for pussies, tough love, kind of thing. Stand on your own two feel as a sovereign being and an equal, not a subjugation, is my advice. Try a more motherly type for protection, like a warrior type.

If you want protection from someone who doesn’t like abusers, have a chat with Lilith. she will occasionally offer protection if she decides she likes you. She can be very capricious, so once she’s granted protection, make her the odd offering out of the blue just to keep on her good side. She’s usually quite happy with things like chillies, dark chocolate, cakes and sweet wine