A few questions about angels, demons and demons

Are djinn and demons the same beings ? Was it the yhwh who created humanity, or was it created by many gods ? What kind of differences will there be on which side the deification of human is ?(might have been a silly question since i have no clue about the last one)


Djinns and demons are not same. Demons can be djinns, djinns cannot be demons.

About the creation of the world and humanity part- I like to believe that different parts of the world were made differently corresponding to the mythology of that place if you want to see it that way. For humans, I believe in evolution.


YHWH as portrayed in the Bible has something of a “relative” divine being, which in turn is at the same time a reflection of Divinity in a broad, pure etc sense (i. e. Brahman in Hinduism).


Humanity wasn’t created by anyone. They came from evolution.

Can you elaborate a bit?

What I want to say is that a person has a immortal body. I don’t know very well, in some places it was written magnum opus. Some said that after physical death, others said that they would become immortal and strong like a god without dying. In short, I meant being immortal without having to reincarnate.

Hello Zmoan,

I interpret Jinn as beings similar us but in an alternate dimension. Jinn are said to be made of smokeless fire. Humans are made of earth, clay to be exact. Demons are spirits so when a Jinn dies it can become a demon. Jinn are said to live much longer than us. I assume they are more spiritual than us due to their longer lives. My belief is that Jinn like us take on the names of patron demons. It is a reason why a Mammon refers to both a Jinn and a demon. The Jinn Mammon (Maymun) most likely is deeply connected to the demon Mammon and takes on his name.


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So, do the djinn usually come when summoning a demon? how to distinguish ?

I believe the methods of calling them are different. But with that being said, I see no reason why both could reach out at the same time.


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Hello Zmoan,

If you use sigils, there are a some for Jinn. See the image attached from the Book of Wonders. The Book of Wonders is an old Arabic text. If you look there is some symbols in the top left corner. These symbols are not trees nor wind representations. These are most likely the sigils of that Jinn.

One thing I will note although is Arabic text like this is encoded with mistakes. So you have to assume there are some mistakes purposely made in that sigil. The mistakes although are small enough that someone who understands the background can correct them.


No, I do not think djinn (jinn) and demons are the same. Djinn are fire spirits rooted in Arabic culture. There are many different groups or systems of demons.

If you want to work with the Jinn, Corwin Hargrove has a good book about this. The Birhatiya is mentioned as a source text. This book uses no sigils, only brief incantations, spirit names, and the living flame.

Some will tell you that yahweh created humanity. Others will tell you that demons or this god or that goddess or this buddha or that created humanity. I do not believe that any one religion has the correct answer here. I believe that all legitimate spiritual/magickal traditions are tapping into the same underlying essence or consciousness which exists beyond any such gross labels. Why would a being of omniscience, omnipresence, and omnipotence only manifest itself in one tiny religion in one tiny region of the world? Because those are the ultra super special chosen people and everyone else is fucked, and not in the good way? Yeah, I don’t buy that.

If you connect with magick in an authentic way, it doesn’t matter what the aesthetics are. You’re still getting magick.

Some people resonate with the idea of summoning angels and demons. Others prefer to summon buddhas or deities. It doesn’t really matter. I like to see what all the different traditions and systems and practices have to offer, but there are some methods and spirits that resonate very deeply with my mind. I haven’t always even known about Buddhism, but I was raised to believe in the reality of angels and demons.

I now have the ability to see past all these labels and dressing-up of bare magickal experience, but it remains the case that from a young age a certain tradition of spiritual and magickal thought was impressed into my mind. Tibetan stories about local features in the landscape do not always evoke quite the same deep resonance for me as the journey through the desert with the devil, or the image of sacred communion.

Can I see the wisdom in cutting out one’s external eye to reveal the inner sight? Yes, but that’s a new story to me. Taking a loaf and making many, now that sounds like something I can do.