A few of my most intense experiences

Sometimes I lay down to meditate and I feel this strange feeling in my body. So I go and look inside myself through a certain ring alignment which I feel pinging. Then I perceive my body there within, another body which I feel readily. So floating through a graceful silent darkness I laid dormant for a great amount of time. But upon this stirring which I felt I saw clearly within myself stretching my body. Though, when this occurred all manor of bugs and flies go forth out of myself. In this other realm I peel my flesh back before the fires of a great sun and the flies borne go forth after which time the searing heat of the sun heals my flesh in burning agony.

One time I was taken before the presence of Enki whom I refuse to describe. Hooded dark one’s carried me their as I laid upon my back not wholly conscious. I fainted multiple times having woken to perceive myself drifting through a dark cosmos lit which neither sun not star of human’s perceive lightly radiance. Rather I was taken to a great darkness which shown like a sun but was black and those who guided me where nearly consumed by the fires of the black sun. A hand appeared forth from the darkness and then I awoke.

Another time I went out and sought Enki but in another form. For this time I was brilliant, fully conscious, and radiant. I raced forth with hast through terrible unfounded cosmos withdrawing to a place which appeared like a deserted planet which orbited a great giant which was like a very great but darkened sun. The sun ate away at the withering planet but not before such time as I walk past a celestial garrison of great and widly renown demonic kings whom were very weary but still remained clad in their armor. Though, by the heat of the great darkened sun, they rested with their helmet crowns laid by their side. Though, not lingering nor staring nor inquiring but continuing to make haste I approached a tremendous rock on the opposite side bore forth the great darkened giant. So Enki himself sat before me upon a rock in the shadow and we chatted whilst the planet withered away. He was old and very great and still shown of powerful essense even in his aged form which reflected the hoplessness of the planet he had withdrawn to.

I saw into the desert across a very terribly hot place. I moved with intent directly where I intended as such is the nature of movement by the formless observer. My consciousness modules readily perceived the powerful emission which burst forth brilliantly upon a great spectacle. For a very powerful god went out into the desert to where the sun was closest to the earth and challenged the god. The Sun descended before him and he knelt upon a knee. Then, he saw me as I lingered and stared upon his tremendous form blazen gloriously shinging through the fires at hand which burnt the very dry earth but which he knelt before. There he bore upon himself the very firey wrath of the sun. His glowly form smothered in the radiation which glared brilliantly and furiously literally was so powerful, he knelt their even resisting the very power of the sun and then looking up facing me with his face, I felt him look into me and into my eyes and then he knodded. I was so awe struck and am even awe struck every time I reconsider that story that I never remember what actually happens after that point. I just clearly rememeber everything up until then.

I met Enki another time when a light walked into my house after a storm. He talked with me for a day after Jesus and the Voidian Lord spent the other two days with me, one each. He told me lots of things from his perspective, Enki did. They each did. All THREE of them.

Another time I met the actual “Devil” though I revere beings so there are things I readily leave out for actual fear of my heart literally stopping… so,

I was moved in my spirit tremendously. So I went outside to mediate. First I saw myself as me, then this friend of mine walked up to me and apologized for killing me. Then Cain walked up to me and I suddenly was Able and he apologized for killing me. After that, I was Jesus and the Devil approached me and apologized for killing me.

Most of my experiences I just chose not to even deal with remembering because my life is already hard enough without all that other stuff bearing down upon me daily. Somehow I find a way to maintain sanity, though I’m often mocked and ignored because I don’t have the dollar things. Way I see it, it’s like racing myself. As long as I can articulate myself in a way that at least allows me to feel like I have a confident understanding of what I experience, I’m cool.