A Few Good Guinea Pigs


I’m looking for 2 volunteers for an experiment using the black mirror. I came across someone talking about using the black mirror to being able to not only influence people but to be able to both heal and attack as well.

Obviously I have no intentions of attacking you or anything like that. The plan is to see if I can implant a certain thought, suggestion, smell, color etc. upon the participant. I will give a particular time frame that this unknown influence will occur and then ask if they had any sensations in relation to it after the time frame is up. It will be something completely harmless and unique like the color blue or an image of the Easter bunny or something of that nature.

If your interested please post to the thread and I’ll contact you and see if I think we can work together. Skill level is not important but time frames and time zones will be a far bigger factor for me so please do not feel insulted or rejected if not chosen. I already have one volunteer and want 2 more for comparison.

There will be no divinations involved with this and no reviews necessary. Just report back to me and let me know what sensations you had. I’ll post results success or fail. If the participants wish to share their experiences feel free but this is not about anything but pushing the limits of what’s being done with the black mirror.


I’m willing, TWF.

Haha Ill help you out with this. Interesting uses Ive never heard of, I was just aware of it for contacting entities, and tapping into the astral, see past, present and future, etc etc.

I’m up for this.

As many can volunteer as they like I’m only choosing two due to the amount of time I’ll be dedicating to each volunteer.

Any more volunteers?

Sure. I’ve always wanted to try an experiment like this. I’ll put my hat in.

I’m going to make it an even month long exercise.

One participant each week.
Virdon Djinn

I’ll pm you guys details.


Sounds interesting but you already have your volunteers so… I’ll be interested to hear of em.

Sure why not , let me know if you want me to participate.

And on that token I also have a black mirror experiment I want to try that involves portals, pm me if your interested.

Will you be using transfer of thought form from mirror to mirror or will you be the only one with the mirror?

One mirror, this is more of an influence the other persons thoughts than Midevil Skype.

I have yet to see this method applied let me know how it does. Would be much easier to curse using this method

I first heard about this from Conjureman Ali talking about using black mirrors to influence others through their dreams (which goes hand in hand white EA’s evoking a living person). Later he had mentioned Rukiah Shaman who used the mirror as a vehicle for healing work and he had reported that he could literally feel hands on him. I thought this would be a cool thing to experiment with. I have low expectations of my own ability as I’m just now revisiting the dark mirror, but thought this would be a good starter exercise for what I wan to do with it.

I didn’t want to take liberties with people so I thought I’d ask for willing participants whom I know are a bit more sensitive than most.

Seems doable, energy work being more important in this then the mirror it self

Yeah, the mirror just serves as a focal point. It’s really no different from a poppet in that regard.

Sure, experimentation can be fun.

So I finished week one and had zero effect, I’m not surprised as I had been dealing with migraines all week and had trouble focusing and the scrying actually made the headaches worse. I tried scrying darkness as a substitute as the light from the candle was unbearable at times and the gazing would increase the intensity of the headache. If Darkes Knight is up for it I’d be willing to try again once the other participants are finished.

I had tried to influence 3 things none of which I saw any relation to in his very thorouh journaling.

The color Pink
Desire to eat waffles

I tried to pick something that would easily standout when browsing the journal. Like I said no surprise this week I’m. Optimistic about next week as long as I can keep the headaches at bay which I rarely get anyway.

Just wanted to update this for the participants of the group.

I sent this msg to Icarus and Darkest

I'm late sending this but I'm working on Virdon this week,

Color blue


Virdon reported that he saw a carrot (color like a basketball) saw a rabbit during meditation as well as had images of a blue sky while meditating and also the impression of a blue truck.

Better than last time with some unexpected twists such as how the colors and stuff presented themselves as real items instead of simple colors which is how I projected the image.

I’ll let Virdon fill in any details he’s comfortable sharing.

Yeah, thanks TWF!

The first day I had a rabbit pop into my mind while I was at work which was very unusual but I felt that it was noteworthy enough to write down. During the same vision, a carrot followed and I thought that might be from association with the rabbit. Either way the color orange stood out very distinctly.

I didn’t have much during the week Tuesday through Friday but on the weekend in meditation as my mind went ventured through various closed eyed visuals, two images flashed through completely unrelated to the visions I was having. One being a Electric Blue truck driving away from me on a highway. Just the truck without a load which was quite a strange vision for me to have. Blue was very apparent. Then in between another set of visions, it was as if a vision was edited and pasted in between on the film in my mind. This vision was of a very large and beautiful green tree but the background was a blue, cloudless sky. I found this image and the truck image to be unusual in terms of what I’d normally find myself seeing in meditation.

So with the rabbit, orange carrot and the images of blue seemingly superimposed on my psyche, I’d say this was a success. Well done, TWF!
Very impressive. :slight_smile: If you ever decide to give this another go I’d be down with it.

Ok, I worked on Icarus all week last week
Color green

He did report a bunch of crazy shit that happened in one weeks time and I’ll see what he thinks and feels like sharing now that he knows what I was pushing. He did mention a girl he had to work with was wearing a green outfit but that’s grasping IMO and don’t count that.