A fearless warrior

Some demons who can teach to become a fearless warrior?

Fear is a necessity. It’s what helps you identify what’s a threat and what isn’t. And everyone is afraid of something, regardless of how rational that fear is.

But if you want to become a braver warrior, than Samael and Azazel come to mind.


My experience is that fury kills fear if it’s intense enough.

Sure, maybe in the moment, but not forever.

What about the goetic spirits? Some there you will suggest?

Focalor, Eligos, and Glasya-Labolas from what I’ve read.

They can. But theres people who just fight dudes on the street and carry a pistol act THINK they can stand up to anybody; then theres the real warriors doing real war shit like in the military.

Beings like Samael are definitely geared towards surpassing weaknesses, obstacles, and standing out drom peers in performance. (He helped me do so in the military years ago)

Focalor can teach me to fight enemies with my own power of magick?

Really, any of them can, but some are better than that at others. Focalor can certainly teach you.

Fearless warrior? This is something you will spend your entire life perfecting in this aspect.
There are countless fears and you want to be as unshakable as a mountain, first of all, in my opinion, you should have a strong attitude like a mountain.
For example, you are not afraid that someone will hurt you because you have a black belt in karate, you are not afraid of losing your job or car because you are resourceful in life.
You are not afraid of your enemies because you can turn their lives into hell, because you perfected magic. This is such an example.
Let’s distinguish false self-confidence from true SELF-CONFIDENCE, where you are confident in your abilities and it has nothing to do with an inflated ego with stupidity, drugs, ignorance, alcohol.
I think that almost any Demon King would be suitable for this because each of them must have achieved this level of awareness and skill a long time ago.
My choice falls on Abaddon the Destroyer.