A familiar you create - evolving over time?

Hey there. My question is directed at magicians who has either undergone/ undergoing the Mastering Black Magic course from BALG, or have created familiars themselves in the past or recently.

I have noticed that as I have fed the familiar with each full moon, not only does it grow in power but it’s appearance seemingly change as it grows in time. Whenever I place my hands on the altar and connect with during each consecration something has changed, usually something small in that it has grown either in terms of aura, energetic output, appearance, etc. Is this true for others as well?

Would appreciate any feedback whatsoever. Many thanks. :slight_smile:

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Yes if you have created a familiar class being then it will evolve on its own and adapt to circumstances it encounters. They can grow very smart and very powerful. They learn and adapt with the tasks you give them and you can also intentionally upgrade them and they will in general grow as you do as well depending on how they were created.


In addition to the regular oil I have been given another one supposedly helps it grow even more, in addition to be me doing mostly evocation these days. In addition to consecrating objects on the altar in general seem to boost the objects general and energetic output and power. And it’s really cool to know that it wasn’t something I had made up.

Another question then, can familiar help you out in spell casting as well @anon47923162 ? It seems like a possibility for sure, they can teach you things though that I have experienced myself.

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Yes they certainly can help in spell casting just as if you were doing a group spell or ritual and because they do not have these fleshy meat suits we do their senses of the spirit world are not dulled and don’t have physical limitation so they can quickly learn and store far more information much quicker than we can to share.
When gathering information they don’t have to deal with the distractions and such we do because of having physical bodies so they can be quite useful in that regard as well as serving effectively as commanders to oversee your works this is especially true if you employ many spirits or servitors you can assign your familiar to oversee the works and command in your stead. If they are mature enough that is.

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Super awesome answers and many useful implications, thank you so much. :slight_smile:

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Yes. Learned this the hard way. Asked for a familiar, was taught to create a thoughtform shortly after. I forgot about it and it bit me in the ass.

The objective was for this thoughtform to automaticallt deter those of ill intent and, this is where i fucked up, those who cause me negative emotions.

Shoulda thought about being more specific since it eventually started to not like my girlfriend who has severe depression. Thoughtform or familar, whatever you wanna call it started giving her nightmares, knocking shit off her table, every time we would fight shed start hearing footsteps and call me that night because “shit is shaking and flying off my nightstand”

Ive yet to figure out if it has a will of its own. Talking to it and reprogramming to help us work through our issues has seemed to help. Now when we fight positive things happen.

For example) we fought a few weeks ago and an “i love you” letter that was written in a card rotated counter clockwise 90 degrees which caused the card to open. My gf said “it was to remind me of whats important” so it seems like it likes her now.

I dont mess too much with familiars so forgive me if im completely off topic but i wanted to share my experience.

My solution was to reprogram it and imbue it with green/gold energy to hopefully direct it more towards healing and protection.


Good stuff and thank you for telling me this, it’s a valuable lesson. I want to create my own army in due time. So regarding how you program it will be either good or bad. Your story is important to me as it gives me tools to work with.

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