A drop of blood


Hi can you guys do a brave spell for me
Everytime i try to prick my finger with a needle i cant do it… Ive even tried to just force it
But everytime I try to swing anything heavy at the needle… Myself just make the blow softly land


I have a better idea for you! If you a female just wait for your period and use that blood! :woman_shrugging: if you a male use your sperm! They are more powerful than the normal finger blood!


It sounds like you are overcomplicating the process. Do some research on how diabetics check their blood sugar. Too easy.


What do i do with the sperm do i just spread it on the sigil or what?




What do you need the blood for?

I think it is important to point out that you do not need to shed blood to work with demons. I never offer blood and work with demons just fine.

A lot of people seem to think that it is required for some reason, but it most definitely is not.


There are many variables to blood magic. You do not have to use blood for any given ritual it us up to you. Objectively blood like any component you would use in magic is simply a tool. It can add power to any casting. However if you are squeamish and hate needles I would avoid blood for your rituals.

Here is a great link on blood magic do’s and don’ts you can check it out as it has some great tips.


That sounds painful and I don’t even have a problem pricking my finger… I hope you have realised you’re doing it wrong.

If you want to use blood for offering it isn’t even necessary. Meditate on it, many spirits don’t even want your blood (and also many don’t see it in a favourable way to cum over their sigil).


I use diabetes lancing device instead of poking my fingers with needles
True! in many ways that blood isn’t an important part in working with demons ,but it can be used to build a better connection with the demon (I’m not saying give a blood to every demon you want to work with but the one’s you have close relationship with)


Just offer the things that you eat. That’s what offerings are. Make a grilled cheese sandwich and offer it to whatever your summoning. At least, in Slavic mythology, butter, bread, and cheese were all common offerings to the bogi (there’s debate on whether there was human sacrifice or not), why not mix them all together and create an uber offering.


A lancing device is the best thing to use IF you feel the need for using blood at all. It’s quick, pretty painless and very sterile.


It’s unfortunate i see this so rarely:
Blood doesn’t automatically mean Sorcerer’s Blood.
In most cases you can simply use animals blood,
and to be fair, getting it isn’t that hard,
you can ask a butcher which is actually the main source for meat anyway.
If (which is kind of normal today), the butcher refuses becouse he doesn’t have access to the blood,
due to buying the meat parts from a bigger slaughterhouse,

  • you can still go to a pet store, get mouses which are used to feed snakes,
    and get those as living blood source.

They can be used perfectly fine in any normal social conditioning,
since you’re basically just buying food.
The Pet shop doesn’t need to know, that you’re feeding a demon,
instead of a pet snake. :wink:




I just scrape away a little bit of skin using my fingernail. I find it’s less unpleasant than using a pin or knife.
Though like everyone else has said, there aren’t loads of situations where you need bodily fluids. Most of the time, you can just channel intent or make an offering of food etc. Even in the cases where blood may be useful, outside of lust and control magic, a ritual sacrifice of some small animal is often the superior choice.
Edit: worth noting that sacrificed animals should be killed during the ritual. Their death is what provides the energy.


Your blood contains your DNA—a blueprint not just for you, but your complete ancestral line. Something that contains your own symbolic power is naturally powerful in magic is one reason many use there own blood to personalize the ritual with increased intent and power.

You could use animal blood but using the blood of another for ritual purposes weakens the rite as it is not from you and your ritual, although it could be done as an alternative depending on the casting. In this case since the OP is hesitant with the blood offering he can simply provide another type of offering that is less painful such as food or drink.


All cultures everywhere used blood sacrifices, but no cultures (that I’m aware of) believed in using their own blood. It’s not that blood contains your DNA, it’s that blood contains life. And that is the greatest offering, life.


I always used a blade to split my left thumb open.
I used to always carry a small Swiss Army knife solely for that purpose.
So I was always able to Mark a place with blood on-the-fly.

I absolutely have no idea why I used to do this.
I was a crazy kid back then.
I even did it at a Catholic Church pew during my Grandpas funeral.
I felt like I had to mark blood on his casket.


At the heart of it, it boils down to what the ritual is for. If you’re doing a curse or seeking to create some kind of poltergeist, I’d argue that the blood of someone else ( or ideally a sacrifice ) would actually be better than your own blood.
Your blood obviously bears a strong tie to you, but it’s not inherently more powerful than blood from some other source.


You can get a diabetic test kit from a pharmacy, this should take away your subconscious hesitation.
They pick you quick so you should beable to use it. :slight_smile:

Remember, you give blood when you’re ready too okay? It’s always your choice.


Not really.
See, fire can be made from wood or oil, doesn’t mean one flame is better then the other.
Look, in history High Priests usually tended to make sacrifices either from their enemies (captured enemy warriors, slaves;) or from lifestock which was ment to feed the population, and in that case there was actually the healthiest, most valuable pieces being picked out of it, to become sacrificed to the gods.

The tendency to do blood rituals with Sorcerers blood isn’t as ancient of an practice as you may think.
becouse viewed from that angle, it’s a sign of being poor, to have to spill your own blood, becouse you couldn’t find / harness anything worthwile for an sacrifice to the gods.

now, that we’re used to get all our food processed and ready to cook or ready to eat,
a good share of that just simply doesn’t match into our current society anymore.

And the habit of taking your own blood instead of fully sacrificing a living creature,
also derived from a fear of being sued by law for killing / harming.

And, it’s true, food offerings do work within a certain framework.

But in terms fo the three gateways of magick, being blood, fire and water,
there’s no mention of having to use your own blood,
in almost all rituals.
In terms of potency scaling,
it’s close to the same potency as sacrificing a human child,
according to some sources.
So it does work.

In terms of social acceptability, it still depends on the enviorment,
and there is no completely right or wrong answer, true.

StewardofSophia has been pretty accurate about this.

i simply agree here. correct.

However, that’s a pretty modern angle of view, and the Sorcerer’s that initally wrote Grimoires like the Ars Goetia, probably didn’t think this way. :wink:

I mean, how many grimoires you know of, suggest using urine and sweat as water sources,
to fuel your rituals? (well, besides Aleister Crowley maybe, he’s been quite a pervert as far as it’s been documented.)
No, you usually see “get a bowl of water” or “perform on a river”.

Just to make that clear - from your own body - is a very christway of doing it.^^
Or Emo, depending on where you stand. :wink:




Well researched and interesting. It is true that many throughout history employed animal sacrafice I was not aware of all the reasoning behind it… Thank you for the insights.