A dream where Belial says something

I cannot explain the dream in as great detail, but I remember quite well one particular situation. In the dream, I ask Belial to create an illusion. The illusion makes my car (which looks like crap) appear awesome, a symbol of luxury. I use this illusion to specifically drive past the kids from that show The Proud Family.

I drove past them slowly. I even drive around the block to show them again and again. But, as I drive, I hide my face behind my hands.

Then the weird part. I see an image of Belial sitting on his throne. He appears as a large chiseled and masculine figure. His skin is as black as night with the usual demonic characteristics; Horns, wings, and a tail. However his eyes are an eerie glowing purple. He sits upon a black throne and speaks with a deep deep voice.

Belial says that in exchange for the illusion, I’m not allowed to be a socialist. I have to succeed directly. This is weird because I don’t think of myself as a socialist. I am relatively left leaning, but I don’t think I’m a socialist. I doubt Belial is concerned with my political affiliation. And what does he mean by succeed directly?

That’s it.

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He means don’t depend on anyone or anything but your own skill and ability to be successful. Don’t expect to be given what you want without hard work. You must earn the success you desire.

It is also means to commit yourself and do the best job you are capable of, regardless if the job is something “common” like retail, or “elite” like a CEO. Work your ass off, improve yourself, and move your way up by blood, sweat, and tears.

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What about the top part.

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What, the “socialist” part? That’s become a derogatory term for anyone who basically thinks people should be given things they didn’t earn. It’s the new bugaboo. It goes hand in hand with the part about succeeding directly, and basically says the same thing.

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It means politics is a sham…follow own path … choose what you agree and disagree with from both sides, in General reality there are no sides … in your own reality even more so… don’t be a sheep Belial says more often to many in many ways …

Look at it with your 3rd eye, how ridiculous and irrelevant everything is, the ridiculous little rules we made up and follow blindly… I’m left , I’m right, I’m white , I’m black, I’m gay , I’m bi, I’m this, I’m that … title title title… fucking preschool games , blue team versus red team… ridiculous little beings we have to think in these boxes to even communicate… it’s sad really, and belial laughs at this stupidity

And from me to you, I always was left leaning as well and i also in these weird times became more right leaning in some things but remain left in other. I think many are in this conflict right now