A Dream Weaver?

Yesterday I did a letter of intent to Lilith for a Succubus companion. Once I went to bed I was having a hard time falling asleep which is unusual. Once I did though I had a crazy vivid dream. In fact at the time I thought I was watching a TV show. The show was a paranormal detective type show. At one point they were playing a recording to pick up a spirits voice in an audio clip. The spirit said “ Hello, my name is ___.” Unfortunately I wasn’t able to hear the name. After that everything turned psychedelic and everything began to vibrate very intensely while a voice repeated over and over again saying “ Hello, I am a Dream Weaver,” to a musical rhythm. The vibration got so intense it felt like my teeth were rattling and it woke me up, even then my vision was still shaking back and forth. I just wanna know any of you have any opinions on this? Also anyone know what a Dream Weaver is? Thanks in advance!

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Going off of context clues, probably something involving lucid dreaming, controlling and shaping reality and dreams, as dreams are real, etc.


In my experience, Weavers are experts at controlling the Dream Worlds, sort of like Boss level Lucid dreaming. Where as Walkers are more focused on exploring the pre-existing realms, Weavers can create new and change existing ones.

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