A dream sigil

Here’s a dream sigil, that I had fun with creating. It’s supposed to help you have peaceful/serenity type of dreams:

I want to see if any of you have positive results with it. If you even feel any type of positive vibes from it, please let me know.

Heck, I’m going to use this too, and I’ll even report back whether or not I slept well.


I mean it when I say I loved creating that sigil. When I was drawing it, I started to relax, so I guess that’s early signs of success, in my opinion.


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Reminds me of Hekate the feel of it.

Hekate is, I don’t know how to explain it.

When I Evoked her there was such a powerful sense of fear in the air, but not in the Malevolent sense more of a “Holy fuck the power”

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Things that come to mind
Night side
Some thing related to nightmares or a realm related to nightmares.
Sounds scary, but not in my book :yum:

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Hmm, that’s interesting. :thinking:
I’ve been told a few times I remind some of Hekate, so maybe that explains a little.

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This sigil actually helped with my dreams a bit. I was able to visualize better in my dream, so that’s pretty awesome. It might not have worked as expected, but it did do something.

Alrighty, so I used it for a second time, and WOW, it really did do wonders. I slept sooo well.

Pats myself on the back