A dream - interpretation please 🙏

So years ago in a religious group I remember the place having a very distinct smell and glow. Obviously it was religious but it’s all energy right?

I woke up with no idea what my dream was only that I had fallen asleep while doing wim hof meditation… and randomly remembered the dream - that I was in the room with the same smell, glow and I suppose I want to say peace although it feels strange saying that about something I haven’t any desire to go back to. The same people from my past and the room very much charged with this energy… a bit like a stoned glow.

I do believe it’s significant and to be paid attention to - but not quite sure what my subconscious is communicating to me through it.

Maybe a sense of reconciliation with the fact that you went through the dogma of fixed religion in your past, and emerged through it - as in finally letting it all go?

Just a thought :slight_smile:

By the way, how did this energy you experienced make you feel?

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It’s a peaceful energy… if I explained my background (I won’t) that would sound bizarre. Peace and a Glow are the only way I can describe it… and the smell… like the room is charged - a stoned chilled vibe. If I was still religious I might say I could feel the Holy Spirit’s presence very strong. I’m not though. I woke up feeling great and wondered why… was a bit disappointed to realise I’d fallen asleep rather than completing my NAP ritual or having an astral projection so didn’t match up the feeling great vibe until I remembered the dream