A dream I had the other night

So I had this dream and there is a part I don’t quite understand besides it meaning a lot to me for some reason.
So in this dream there was someone but they were invisible to me. They gave my this scroll of this old looking painting. It had these women three on each side in front of this room looking thing. It was a traditional looking room where you can look inside of the room while the others are outside. There was grass, tree, sky ect on the outside and in the room was nothing but this person, the chair he was siting in and a few other things. The women were wearing something that looks like either old Middle Eastern clothing or possibly old Eastern Indian clothing varying in colors from reds, blues, and other colors along with jewelry. They were on one knee facing this person that looked like something out of a old Middle Eastern picture. He was black and kinda looked like he had a lions mane or something like it that was around his head like hair. He had two eyes, white sharp teeth and claws. He wore nothing but some kind of waist skirt thing. He was sitting in this chair That kinda look like a golden throne looking forward with both of his arms resting on the arm rests looking comfortable and content. Then picture had the bottom as this nice green and some blue green colors representing grass that was drawn in a very nice and slightly detailed. It was drawn in a way that kinda reminds me of large hills. Towards the bottom it had some writing that looked like was written with a brush. Unfortunately I couldn’t read it. I then had this feeling that I was afraid I was going to loose it. I don’t know why but it felt extremely important to me. The person that was in front of me said for me not to worry. That is basically it.

Any idea what this might be or who that person was in the scroll? I tried looking around but not much luck. :frowning: