A dream I do not understand

Well I’m new on here and I’m guessing a few people know that. So the thing is I had this dream early this morning and I have no idea what it means.

I’m not the kind to remember dreams but well I assume it’s an entity but I don’t know who it is. (The entity wore the appearance of someone I think is familiar)

He was sitting on the edge of my bed and I was sitting on the couch opposite my bed, his sigil was on the floor in front of me while we were facing each other.
I think he must have given me a task or something that had to do with writing or reading or so.

And when I completed that I asked if he wanted my blood as an offering and he said I should go on ahead and I let a few drops of my blood on his Sigil and when I did that he stood up to me and picked up his sigil or the piece of paper I had no idea which one then he said something in my mother’s tongue with a smile (haha you cheated anyways) and then I woke up. (Or maybe I don’t remember the rest of the details)

NB- I have never evoked an entity.
Zepar is the only entity I have made a petition too, But also I’ve been doing a lot of reading about other entities but basically Dantalion on this Forum and also I’ve been thinking Of evoking him Soon.

Hello :wave:

The thing about dreams is that it is hard for other people to give you advice because they are so subjective and personal.

If you think a certain entity is trying to contact you (which they commonly do through dreams) then reach out to them.

All I would say, based on what you wrote, is be specific in what you ask for (but not overly specific – i.e. not the how and why), and don’t give a timeline for results to appear. And if you promise a reward/offering in exchange for an outcome then ensure that you give it sincerely when you get the result, even if it’s not 100% exactly what you asked for, but close enough that it’s not coincidence.

Good luck :four_leaf_clover:

Okay I’m thinking about Dantalion and I’ll meditate tonight, but Is it possible for a demon I have never evoked to appear during meditation (let’s say if I’m playing his enn and I’m chanting it out softly while glaring at the sigil)? Or he’ll only make me see or hear things or he may do nothing at all? I’m just trying to know what to expect lol :tired_face::joy:

I have only meditated once to Zepar and I thought I was gonna have a heart attack, it’s funny how I survived that night…

I think a good idea to write it down for reference.
Like, you said, maybe wheneva you gets to the rite, follow the um message to only do a few drops o blood, or somethin.
When in doubt, work wit who you’r close to like, zepar. They migh be able to give advice.