A dream from Lilith

Hello BALG.

Today I had an interesting dream, and I’m wondering if it can be connected with Lilith.

I was in a crowd of people and they were talking about very intimidating and dangerous witch who I shouldn’t go to by any means. I became curious and decided to meet her.
She was extremely friendly to me and we talked about witchcraft & magic for a while, though I don’t remember what exactly we have talked about.
Then I asked: “Are you Lilium/Lilim?”
She answered yes, but then someone appeared and said that we shouldn’t be talking right now (everything was happening in school so I basically was a student and she was teacher of some sort), and I’ve had to walk away.

Any thoughts about it? What could it mean? I’ve heard that Lilim are usually described as children of Lilith, so I’m wondering if I actually met one of them.


It’s possible you met Naamah, the daughter of Lilith.

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