A dream about my existence after death

I had a dream

In the dream I already died. And I was aware I was married to Belial so, of course I had residency reserved for me in “hell”. But I remained on Earth, most likely because I wasn’t strong enough to be there, like I’m talking about the infernal space where powerful beings dwell.

So I just occupied my now abandoned house and turrned the animals into vicious beasts to keep people away from it. Most of the time I was not physical but I could manifest and let people see me if needed. I was happy about my new form of existence and decided to be a succubus for fun, so I morphed my shape into a more attractive one and started seducing people. The energy I got from it helped me get stronger and closer to becoming a demoness, but also drove me kind of crazy sometimes.

There was this organization, who tried to help me and prevent me from becoming a demoness while I was still on Earth (hence still “fixable”). I understood they must have seen my instability and I understood where they came from but there was no changing my mind. I needed to arrive in “hell”. So I seduced the woman assigned to me. It was not even that hard.

Also since I occupied my house, it became an annex of hell itself. There was this teenager ghost who was assigned to it and I got really annoyed but she had nowhere else to go. She was too young to be commited to the infernal realm via practicing the occult so I guessed she was in in the more traditional sense of do crime go to hell, or more precisely the annex of it which might be the more shitty place. I asked her if she murdered someone and she remained silent but I didn’t like the look in her eyes at all. Was cold and glaring and made me want to watch my back right in my home. I was pissed.

One night though i came home high on energy or succubus hormones or whatever it was, and my watch beasts were making a ruckus chasing something. I was annoyed and alerted by their noises so I flew over and swatted the thing, using a really strong form of mine, killing it instantly in a bloody mess. Later I sobered up and realize it was someone in the neighborhood whom I knew. I felt really shitty about it and wondered what the heck I was doing with myself.

But I had no other way to distract myself from this guilt except to indulge myself so I went straight to the HQ of that other organization, found the woman in charge of me in a room on the second floor and seduced her into sex. It satisfied me for a short while but then I looked at her and only felt that she was pitiful. So I left.

And I disgruntledly prayed that this phase will soon be over.

Why did I tell you this dream? Because I’ve seen discussions about what comes after death and here’s another possibility: that you might not immediately go somewhere, although your number of options may vary depends on who wants you to be where. In this dream I bet I could have gone to whatever place they had for the deads who no longer have things to do and whose souls arent messed up because of sth terrible they did, but I chose to stay and try to evolve into something else, even if it screwed me up a little in the process. The little girl had her own ordeals too, I didn’t really want to know what it was, but I’m sure she also had more than one path to choose.

So maybe after death you’d still have to make decisions and battle with yourself and do your best. Also explains why there are earthbound spirits all around and they’re so screwed up. Maybe they aren’t even supposed to pass peacefully. Maybe they’re on their way to evolve into something greater but are not succeeding.

And maybe hell (the traditional one) is on earth, just weaved in and out of our dimension. If I were the higher spirits, I really wouldn’t want these messed up immature souls in my realms.

I’m okay with this. I can work with it.

Wow long post I’m only second paragraph in thanks for sharing this dream, I’ll have more questions when I’m done just though I’d let you know someone’s reading.

Interesting thought makes me think of Santa Muerte cause she’s known for giving safe passage to people who have passed to there desired or designated realm once passed. So the concept of being here is still pretty strong, have you tried talking to the person who in the dream you killed and seeing if they have an irrational fear of you? Sounds to me oi we’re about ready to move on if you were strong enough to say a human my best seats were projecting like dagger like claws and actually hitting beatles with them and watching them fly I to the wall from it, that or projecting next to someone when they asked the 5 time and swinging at them I stopped the projection the moment before I got them and opened my eye the person fell to there knees shaking and had no clue why but that was before trama not that strong anymore. Have you sensed into your house and tried to see if our created a link from it to hell like it had been connected in your dream? Have you tried to contact the girl that watched over the house and see if our can to see how real it was see if they actually respond?

Thanks for your suggestions. The house in the dream however was not my current home but like a different version of my parents house and on a farm instead of on a street. He person killed was not a real person I know in real life either, the places that appeared were all fictional so I think the dream was more conceptual and not related to real beings

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Ok I though the person was someone you actually knew, all the little things wrong or different makes it seem like our dream wouldnvhavemuch effect on reality but a worth while dream.

Oopes forgot to tag you in my last response. Btw I dont think the strength needed to survive where I want to go could be measured by how I fight people. I dreamt of the rim of that place one and it was hellish in a hard to describe way. Everything was just really unstable and …unholy, for lack of better words. Like there is a distinct sense that you’re alone and vulnerable and your inner woes and insecurities are lurking around, manifesting and just want to lure you into the deepest pit. There are no malicious enemies besides a few parasites but compared to the weight you hold on your own those are just some minor inconvenience. So you need to be extremely stable and powerful in multiple aspects

Ok, be safe don’t go before your ready I guese.

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