A dream about a church on the night before Easter

So, last night, I had a dream where I met this girl I was trying to go out with. She was really into church, so I decided to go despite being anti-religious, just to ask her out on a date. Interestingly enough, I never did that in real life. Also, she wasn’t all that interesting. She was shy and reserved, and that’s not my type.

I remember the day was cold, dark, and rainy if that helps. Anyway, I remember the church was pretty big inside. It might even have been a mega church. Oh boy! Anyway, both my parents were there. In fact, they were the reason I was there. Once again, I don’t do that sort of thing in real life. But in the dream, they told me I had to.

I sat with some guys who, they themselves, were not thrilled with the church. During the sermon, the pastor on stage said something about the basement of the church. The guys and I started laughing, making jokes about them doing S&M stuff down there. They told us to be quiet, but we weren’t listening.

We decided to go off to explore this basement. I don’t remember what we found, but when we got back, they were doing some sort of play. I saw two people on stage. An emo boy and an emo girl. The girl played the part of someone with teen angst. And he was working to bring her into the Christian faith. The guys and I immediately didn’t like him. We said he was an incubus, but what we meant was that he had a skill in manipulation, especially women.

Later on, I was approached by the leaders of the church. They surrounded me all alone like I was about to be jumped. Including the incubus. They said in a malevolent chuckle that I should convert. I told them aggressively that I wouldn’t.

Soon after that, I met the guys for lunch and we all agreed that this church was not a good place. That’s it.

I have the occasional anti-religious dreams. However, I never got one so close to a religious holiday. So, Idk if this means anything.

I’d just chalk it up to unconscious/subconscious bullshit.

Maybe you’ve got some unresolved stuff bouncing around in there related to the holiday. No biggie. Shake it off, and keep on keepin’ on.

If anything, the dream seems to show your apprehensions and misgivings about the church, with played up theatrics.

I mean I’m not a fan of the church. Nothing due to personal experiences, per se. But I do think that Christianity and the church and toxic. Individual Christians and individual churches can be okay. But as a whole, both the religion and the organization have plenty of faults.