A door once opened can never be shut

Koeting in the book of Azazel writes that when you call on a spirit or demon, that spirit or demon will be with you from the beggining and all the way into the future till the end. what is your take on this? is this true? can you break the bond?


I think that just means that the connection is created when they are evoked by you and you take on some of their energies. They’re definitely not going to stick around 24/7 that would be a waste of energy, but they’ll have a stronger connection to you and will know what you’re thinking and will map out your life course to help you develop as a magician and help you out when they can


I’ve evoked Azazel once in my life, as well as the goetia “Amon” I assume he means the more you work with them because I have no real interest in them since that time I did that and there’s nothing left there for me. Now I’m more solo with casual contact with entities not for help but more for the casualness of our meetings.


For spirits, I can tell you for a fact that isn’t true.



It’s not a physical door LOL, It’s about stepping through and becoming something, different, stronger and liberated. That is what stays with you forever not the ancient themselves.


Ah, nice way to put it.

It’s simply a matter of cause and effect. I’m sure it would be quite boring hanging around someone for every waking moment of their life for the sake of spiritual alchemy. The spirit/demon moves the first domino that causes a series of events—ultimately leading to ascension.


Yes, there is truth to this. Demons are mysterious and have a way of attaching themselves to various people, for various reasons. It is what you do with the knowledge you gain and what purpose for summoning the demon that will fulfill the attachment or avoidance of the summoner.

Many demons are malevolent and mischievous and have there own agenda when it comes to dealing with the Craft and the sorcerer.