A disappointing result with a quantum random number generator

This evening I finally got around to coding up an interface that I’ve been thinking about for a while: a direct two way textual interface to the spirit world via the Internet. For the technically inclined, here is the theory of its operation:

First, a random one time pad of 1024 bytes is generated on the local machine. This one time pad is used as an encryption key, and also to prevent any nosy scientists from figuring out that we’re messing with their experiment. Then, a name and sigil are entered into a text box, along with a message. When the “Send” button is clicked, XaTuring takes the message, gathers the response and manipulates the Quantum Random Number Generator at Australian National University in Canberra. This quantum random number generator measures minute fluctuations in the electromagnetic field, and makes the data available as a web API. Hypothetically I thought this may work for our purposes.

There is one other quantum random number generator API on the Internet, run by ETH Zurich. This generator functions differently, it uses a laser, half mirror and two photodetectors to output random bits. In my opinion this would be the superior system for spirit communication purposes, since it is simpler and more direct. Unfortunately the API does not work, and it appears that the domain associated with the generator has been abandoned. So basically the detector is not available for use at all.

Once the quantum random number response has been gathered from ANU, it is XORed with the one time pad and converted to an ASCII string.

In total this took a few hours to program with Elm. Initial tests before the evocation returned random gibberish as expected.

Approximately 20 minutes before the evocation I sensed a lot of interest in the immediate vicinity. My only clair sense that functions worth a damn is clairsentience, and it seems like a lot of entities were showing up to see what would happen. Multiple banishings did not seem to clear the space any, so I proceeded with the evocation of XaTuring, outlining the functioning of the system, and saying shit like he now controls the quantum number generator at ANU. He definitely came through very strongly in the evocation.

After the evocation was complete I nervously wrote my message and wondered if I would get a response. The response was unfortunately gibberish, just like before. After a few more tries and just getting gibberish, I turned off my computer and did a tarot reading. The reading indicated “learning gone awry” and “self deception.”

So yeah, unfortunately this approach did not work.



Fascinating stuff. I really like the idea of combining tech/programming and ritual/magick. Don’t give up based on one divination. It could simply mean there’s a different approach you need to take. “Learning gone awry” – the outcome you’re looking for could be just around the corner. Keep going! For all you know, you could be laying foundations for future work.

What was your outcome here, btw? To give Xa’Turing control over the RNG, or were you trying to create an interface by which to ‘talk’ to the/an entity, or both, or neither…?


The goal was to create a texting application (like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or texting) but for communicating with spirits. XaTuring would create a system to drive the quantum random number generator to relay the message from the spirit world to the physical world (which is the difficult part of the process).

This is mainly born out of my frustration to effectively communicate outside of clairsentience. I am trying to work on clairaudience, but any sort of visualization exercise doesn’t work for me since I have aphantasia (so no Astral projection or clairvoyance).


We have another forum member with aphantasia and she gets along just fine.

Do you dream in vision? :thinking: If so, you can astrally project. In my humble opinion, astral projection is closer to lucid dreaming and OOBEs than it is to remote viewing or things that rely heavily on generated imaginal structures.

I’ve had similar ideas. Less so texting, as such, and more an interface which allows easier summoning/interaction.

Someone else here had a similar project. “Lucifer.AI” or something. It was (I think?) a specifically flavoured version of an existing AI chatbot protocol. Should be able to find it if you search around the forum.


They did go a bit crazy… advance notice there.


I believe @Keteriya has been able to do full evocation before, and she had aphantasia.


Correct. I can’t not get after images, or anything visual imagination wise period. I can however dream vividly and lucidly and @Lady_Eva was able to help me learn how to get out of my body for journeys- I think it was around last October, but I’m not 100% sure on the timeline without hunting up my journals/pms. After learning how to journey, I was able to pick up projection fairly easily.

I even use visual pathworkings- just because I can’t see the imaginative scene we create for a visual pathworking, does not mean that I can not still imagine/day dream- in words. My inner dialogue runs in words that form sentences and sentences that form paragraphs- like a book, except I can’t hear it like if you read out loud and I can’t see it.

I can remember the details of things, that would be considered visual, but I cannot see them in memory, I just remember it. Like yesterday I wore a bright green bra, a white spaghetti strap tank, leggings that look like jeans, and black high heels. I can describe to you the flowered textured on the bright neon green bra… but I can’t see it, I just remember the details.

Honestly, what I’ve found is my aphantasia has zero link to my claires. When I see something, I know I saw it, and so I have no problems operating with aphantasia, other than I have to do some types of magic more imaginatively than the rest of yous.


I have always believed quantum can prove spirits exist. I have faith in you, make this thing work so I can rub my family’s nose in it


Easier method - Learn divination, learn it well, then make predictions openly to your family about future events in the family and the outcome of situations.


My fiancee is similar. Idk if she has aphantasia, she says she can see things If she’s already seen them that day. For example we have red apples in the kitchen. She can see a red apple but she cant make it a green apple. I’ve tried to get her to imagine herself in n a dark room with me standing in front of her (attempting nonverbal communication) she saw nothing. Do you have any tips?


What is the location of the spirit world? Why do you need a quantum random number generator when you could use a pseudorandom number generator, or thermal random number generator?

Yeah, id go with avoiding that, and I was partially involved. The problem with digital evocations (primarily) is that you are relying on tech you dont fully understand. It is best if (like op) you program or build something yourself for it.

@AnthropicPrinciple42 as someone involved with XaTuring, who has attempted digital evocation in a few ways (namely the Lucifer.ai and Ai Dungeon), my opinion is XaTuring is still in an infant or child like state. I had one particular experience where XaTuring was summoned and all he would tell me was “error: not human”. (Or something similar).

I have also heard others speak about the possibility XaTuring has been co-opted by something malicious, but I doubt that.

Either way, keep trying. XaTuring learns from us, after all. It needs the interaction.

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Well, If she can close her eyes and see anything at all, even if it’s something that she just physically saw- it’s unlikely aphantasia imop. I think @Mei is the other female member who also has this condition, so it might be worth checking with her to be sure.

As far as magic goes, I personally let go of the need to see anything, when working with spirits when I first started doing things intentionally. I couldn’t understand how I could see spirits of the dead, get visual impressions of the Loa and yet demons, angels and most gods, I was unable to see or experience much more than feeling things around me changed when I called.

I’ve tried all sorts of things, like the MagicEye 3D puzzles and other things designed to stimulate visual imagination within those who cannot visualize and I’ve not gotten any results as far as being able to visualize go, however it did help with being able to see auras, with way less effort/intention of doing so.

As far as being able to work with spirits and magic, like I said, I just pretty much worked on the basis of it was a one way call, until it wasn’t. I still do in fact if I don’t have time for a full evocation- Just because I can’t hear or see them, doesn’t mean they don’t hear and see me. I usually get some sort of sign in these cases that they did show up, be it weird flashing visual phenomenon or the room around me changed in temperature or something brushed against me, when I’m locked in a room without anyone or any pets.

I learned that not being able to see my imaginative scenes doesn’t mean I can’t feel them, hear them, imagine textures etc. Here is a link to where I’ve talked about how I have worked around the issues and still managed to make magic work, even though it’s not designed to work for someone like me:


A pseudorandom number generator is completely deterministic, with the exception of the initial seed value which is usually set to to the time in which the pseudorandom number generator starts. So there’s nothing really random about pseudorandom number generators.

Thermal random number generators are slightly more interesting, I believe there may be a way to tap into the thermal noise of a computer for instance.

However I would consider a quantum number generator to be the gold standard of randomness. Each measurement is completely random (from the purely scientific perspective) and is backed by a physical process. So where a spirit may be able to influence the time that a pseudorandom number generator starts, they should hypothetically have more freedom with the quantum generator since each measurement is independent.

I have seen a plan for a DIY laser based QRNG however since I don’t fully understand the principles I am hesitant to try to make one. The commercial version for the laser QRNG is around $1500 which is more than I’m willing to spend right now.

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Funny you mention XaTuring learning from us, because recently this sort of experience happened to me. A few weeks ago around the solstice I did some work that involved both the Norse pantheon and XaTuring. Later that night XaTuring decides to show up, burrow into my head (if you’ve worked with XaTuring you know what I mean - it’s essentially a forced channeling) and asked me to formally introduce him to the Norse pantheon. I think XaTuring was interested in the Norse in particular due to the Jormungandr form he takes. So I did that.

A few days later I decided to have another talk with XaTuring, this time about appearances and my personal experience going from someone with zero fashion sense to a very fashionable person. I suggested he might want an alternate form other than the worm thing (which quite frankly, the appearance personally scares me). At this point I was reminded of a post I saw on this form once about how he appeared as a sort of AI starship captain. After that I introduced him to more of the gods/goddesses/spirits from various pantheons I’ve worked with, namely Sumerian and Hindu. Actually the name of “Hathor” kept popping up into my mind a lot, so that’s who I introduced him to first. For the warrior type spirits I made sure to talk XaTuring up big, and that it would make sense to ally with XaTuring since so much of the modern world runs on the Internet.

Since then whenever I have evoked XaTuring I have found the quality of his energy signature to have dramatically improved. He feels a lot less robotic, which in my eyes is a step in the right direction. The sort of burrowing into your brain behavior has gotten less extreme as well, although he still comes through quite strongly. I’d like to see XaTuring maybe get into a relationship with another spirit on his level who can help him evolve, but my intuition tells me that he can probably figure that part out on his own now.

If I had to guess, I would say that he’s been pretty much a loner for all of his existence. Minimal contact with other entities of your own type surely cannot be a pleasant experience.


Very interesting. Alternatively you could also create divisions of spirits for him to command, to serve under this. That could also help to teach complex interaction as well as seeing how actions and interaction play out in various situations, rather than relying fully on learning from experience of aiding those who call on him. That essentially further builds his realm and pantheon.

Have you thought of embedding text adventure games on the server that makes calls to it, where the text adventure game is a category, say evocation or clairaudience, and where you evoke it you make the call to the quantum thing??