A direct approach

If I were to guess, most of you frequent forum-ers would describe me as a newbi that is clearly floundering and looking for his “niche” in Magick. And I would have to concede that this is true.

So I thought that it would help me if I were to clearly state my goals for the remainder of my life; maybe by doing so, you all can help me eliminate a lot of rabbit trails that will waste my time or take me down a counter-productive path: My ideal concept of happiness would entail this: 1) I want to live an isolated, rural life where nobody (neighbors, police, firefighters, code-enforcement officers, etc) fuck with me. I sort of live in that type of place now. 2) Having an occupation (preferably self-employed, working in my shop), doing what I love, making more money than I need to survive (in other words, I want to save $500-800 per month after paying bills. 3) I want an attractive female who like me for who I am and won’t get fat or bitch at me all the time. 4) I want to be able to provide for my parents who are getting older (I guess this is part of number 2).

I am not interested in obtaining power over other people (except when they try to fuck with my above goals). I am in no way interested in an atheistic brand of magick like Satanism; I like the idea of viewing spirits as superior to us in some ways, but yet subservient to us if we do the correct ritual.

Maybe this will help narrow things down for you as you assist me in narrowing down the type of magick that I want.

Take all the time you need to discover your path. You do seem confused about what direction to go in, but you seem like the type to turn eclectic. So fuck with a bit of everything and see what you like. Your goals, you definitely need to work with demons and dark gods. There are a few demons that can make you “invisible” as in not noticed and left alone by others until you need them for something. There are demons for monetary gain, career enhancement, and basically everything you mentioned.

I agree with RavensAscent, all your goals there are the type that can and do happen to people anyway, but those people are exceptionally lucky, and jujst like when I was talking about the example you gave of meeting this guy Bill to give him a resume, these types of lucky breaks are the things magick can make happen, and realatively easily (compared to more outrageous and improbable stuff).

Probably the best thing to avoid is gettinbg locked into a single system for too long that has a kind of moral or ideological code that opposes your own, for example if you take any of the yoga-based philosophies too far, they do require you to renounce the things of that world, so that’s the opposite of what you want here.

I’ve known people who got into that even slightly, and their marraiges, homes, jobs, even relationship to their own kids began falling apart, so a little goes a long way if you convince yourself to start renouncing stuff, because it will renounce you right back.

You can free yourself from attachment that’s unhealthy without those methods.

I think (I’ve said this before) you need to find ONE spirit - god, demon, possibly angel - who’s willing to take on a pact with you and become your main guide, mentor, etc., that IMO is the most useful step any magician can take at the beginning.