A dilema

I have send Dantalion on at task to bring me a girl I desire by manipulate her to contact so we can go out on date. However, I don’t know her last name as I chatted with her on datingsite. I showed Dantalion the picture of her and performed a psychodramatic act with the picture. I do however have a terrible feeling that she is dead and I cannot make myself to ask the spirits if it’s true. Since I use a pendulum as I have not developed psychic hearing I’m sure that the pendulum would not be accurate in answer because there are to many emotions involved… It did swing “no” when I asked if she is dead but I sense that I effect it with my emotions.
What can I do?
Would Astaroth be better for the task than Dantalion?
Are there planets I can use?

Why would you think she’s dead? Do you have any social media on her? somewhere you can “stalk” her to see if she’s alive?

I have nothing because I never got her last name.