A dilema

I have send Dantalion on at task to bring me a girl I desire by manipulate her to contact so we can go out on date. However, I don’t know her last name as I chatted with her on datingsite. I showed Dantalion the picture of her and performed a psychodramatic act with the picture. I do however have a terrible feeling that she is dead and I cannot make myself to ask the spirits if it’s true. Since I use a pendulum as I have not developed psychic hearing I’m sure that the pendulum would not be accurate in answer because there are to many emotions involved… It did swing “no” when I asked if she is dead but I sense that I effect it with my emotions.
What can I do?
Would Astaroth be better for the task than Dantalion?
Are there planets I can use?

Why would you think she’s dead? Do you have any social media on her? somewhere you can “stalk” her to see if she’s alive?

I have nothing because I never got her last name.

I also get a “no”. But you could be sensing that’s she’s “dead to you”.

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I think the reason why Dantalion failed to bring her to me is because I don’t know for sure if she is still alive. I

That doubt would be enough to kill the magick, thats quite possible.

I get to the spirits because my sympathetic magick failed.
You mentioned the collective unconsciousness as a magical link. I suppose spirits utilizes that as the link to the person you want to influence.

I see the connective unconscious as a medium through which links can easily happen. You live under the same sky.

The link itself then, is your knowing that the person exists, your awareness of that unique energy of that person. It’s telepathic basically.

With that, you can see the risk: if what you think you know of that person is an invention of your own, a thoughtform of your ideas of that person that you made up, and doesn’t really exist, then that thoughtform is unlikely to be manifested as a person in the physical. This happens a lot in human relationships after all: someone turns out to be other than who you thought they were. We’re VERY good at making thoughtforms like this, as we are creator beings it’s as natural as breathing.

This is another potential reason why very specifically targeted love spells fail: because the situation and energy involved doesn’t really exists as the mage thinks it should, and the shot flies wide.

So when I for instance wrote with her on the dating app I became linked to her energy or was it because I talked to her in the phone?

On the dating app, whether she was a bot or a person wouldn’t matter, it’s as soon as you know that entity exists.

What you don’t know is what it’s energy signature is as a mage, but your subconscious knows who she is. Soyou have the address as it were.

But the you do magick on the ideas around what’s at that address, that might not be real.

Because I heard her voice in the phone?

Sort of… because you know she exists.

I don’t know ho to make it simpler. This lady is an entity that has used the identifiers that attracted you on a website. Even if it’s a bot, it exists in a way that you are aware of, in the same timeline as you whether you interacted or not. That fact alone, that you know it is an objective interactable thing in this reality means your subconscious knows how to find it.

Ask any question and the subconscious knows. The trick is in knowing the question to ask.

I don’t know if she exists anymore. I did on that time but it’s 8 years ago now. This is why I showed the picture of her to Dantalion when he appeared in the smoke of incense during evocation.

Well, that’s a different question… she exists, period. Spirit is outside of time and space, and existence is not an on off switch, and we don’t stop existing with human death, so the question of whether your subconscious can tell an entity who he is is not an issue.

You could ask spirit about any historical figure, or call them directly, and get info about them or work with them, that’s what necromancy and ancestral work does. At deep levels everything exists all at once, and time is fake. But then, so is desire.

So the 2nd question is, why isn’t the magick to bring her to you working?

My UPG here is that it’s just not right for her and/or the probabilities are taking too much energy to adjust in this timeline for you as you are now. Manifesting takes time and energy, some more than others, so it’s possible that not enough is supplied, or not enough in the right way, or it’s been supplied but you were not able to be there to take advantage of an opportunity.

I think the whole problem is that the contact is not there. I need to find a way to how I can get to encounter her even online or IRL so the link can be reestablish.

Yes, I would count this in eth same league with “if you want to win the lottery, but a ticket”. You can hope someone you haven’t met will share their winnings, but getting in contact increases the probabilities significantly.

I need somehow to manipulate her to go to the same club as me at the same time or evoke a spirit that navigates me to the same club or place as she goes.

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