A different result with spell? hehe

Hello guys!

Ok, so I tried some of the techniques for spells and rituals, but it was just based on will power and visualization, since I couldn’t obtain any of the tools needed like the candles and such…

It was a love spell, it made sense to start with those…but I used it not to compell a lover, but to bring more love in my life in a general way, nothing specific, really.

This was yesterday night, and by “coincidence”, I happened to meet a lady today, but let’s just say she enjoys some rather spicy conversation haha, then I remembered my spell! But it was a love spell as far as I’m concerned, not one for lust.

This obviously left me confused, and it’s kinda funny really…could it be a coincidence and the result is yet to come or did something actually got wrong?

If it was to bring more love in general, then she just showed you her specific kind of way of acting, so it doesn’t automatically mean it went wrong.

If I cast a spell to draw birds to me, and the first bird I get is a seabird when I really wanted a raven, it doesn’t mean the “draw birds” part isn’t working, just that the first bird I met wasn’t the type I really wanted.

You know how religious people always say “God works in mysterious ways!” Spells can sometimes work in mysterious ways too. I’ve cast spells and instead of getting the result flat out, it came slowly as a series of events that unfolded and each event seemed irrelevant at first but it eventually lead me to what I wanted. Sometimes the universe, just has a strange way of manifesting things.

hi, could you tell me what spell or ritual did you use

It’s very simple. First, just clear your mind and relax. Once you’re done, if you happen to have an altar, imagine a black energy around it. Remember to stay relaxed while you just gaze at it. Then visualize a red aura around you and sense that it’s being fed by the black energy in front of you (in the altar). Now imagine this red energy growing bigger and bigger. I started to imagine it growing to the size of my room, then my house, through the city, expanding all the way in the entire Universe, compelling it to bring me more love. Then you hold this image in your mind and try to feel the emotions as if your goal is already achieved, feel as vividly and as intensely as you can. Once you’re done just command the universe to bring you the love, by the powers of darkness.

This is an adaptation I made from a love spell from the book Works of darkness, but I highly recommend that you get the book in order to get the whole context of the thing, and also using the necessary tools properly. I came up with this because I really felt the urge to actually do something, although I couldn’t put my hands in any ritual tools.